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Heading into the Future: Yondu at the Ayala ICT Summit 2018

4 minutes read - September 06, 2018 - by Yondu Team
Last Friday, we headed over to the Marriott Grand Ballroom to participate in the Ayala ICT Summit 2018: Into the Future – the Ayala Group’s annual technology event which started in 2006. Every year, C-level executives, decision-makers, tech industry practitioners, and business end-users from all...
Yondu at the Ayala ICT Summit 20188

Last Friday, we headed over to the Marriott Grand Ballroom to participate in the Ayala ICT Summit 2018: Into the Future – the Ayala Group’s annual technology event which started in 2006. Every year, C-level executives, decision-makers, tech industry practitioners, and business end-users from all over the Philippines and even abroad attend. The event is the best opportunity for them to learn about the latest trends and developments in the Information and Communications Technology industry.

Of course, as the leading IT solutions company in the Philippines, Yondu took the chance to showcase what we are and what we’re capable of to the players of the industry. It was also the best time for us to take a bigger look at what’s new and what’s upcoming in the tech space that we operate in, which will help us with our future goals.


Ayala ICT Summit 2018's official event app was developed by and powered by Yondu!

Yondu x Ayala Group

But we weren’t just there as an exhibitor. If you’ve attended the event or were informed about it, you’ll know that there was a dedicated app for all participants’ use. It was designed to help them enjoy the event fully and guide them from the beginning. We’re more than proud to announce that the app was developed by our team of talented IT experts!

Preview of the official Ayala ICT Summit 2018 App

The app, available for download in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, allowed users to access the schedule of sessions for different topics and categories. It also had the “My Stamps” system, which eliminated the need for pen-and-paper transactions. Participants can simply scan virtual stamps for the event check-in, sessions attended, and booths visited. Twenty booth stamps and three session stamps entitle a participant to a special Summit souvenir, with the app ensuring that their stamp record isn’t accidentally misplaced.

Additionally, the app contained a reminders tab and a map to the venue to help users remember what to do and where to go for the event.

Second preview of the official Ayala ICT Summit 2018 app

Our collaboration with the Ayala ICT Summit’s organizers didn’t stop there. We were behind a majority of the technical aspects for the event, such as the registration system, which was synced with the app.


The Yondu Team at our Ayala ICT Summit 2018 booth!

Yondu @ Ayala ICT Summit 2018

Like we mentioned, Yondu was at the event as one of the exhibitors, along with known names in the public such as Brother, Fujitsu, and Epson. Visitors to our booth had the chance to have a glimpse of what Yondu is truly capable of and what we can offer them, such as:


Yondu's Visitor Management system

Visitor Management (ViMa)

Yondu’s Visitor Management makes logbooks more professional, secure, insightful, fully-automated, manageable, and appropriate in emergencies. Essentially, it can track and manage visitors coming and out of offices or even businesses.

Through ViMa, visitor registrations, verification, and sign-outs can be sped up exponentially. Queues are significantly reduced when the front desk isn’t wasting time logging in every single visitor manually and organizing all this information. It also helps make the visitor experience better and keeps your visitors informed of emergencies.

All these information is also kept secure and is processed insightfully in ViMa. You can keep track of every visitor and know vital statistics such as visitor types, recurrences, peak times, etc., depending on how you choose your ViMa system to operate.


Yondu's ITSM Ticketing Tool

ITSM Ticketing Tool

The ITSM Ticketing Tool strengthens the IT Support team’s productivity by streamlining their ticket management. Tracking, sorting, and solving issues/incidents is fully automated, which makes it easier for the IT support team to see and track which tickets need addressing and where in the process the other tickets are.


Yondu's Cyber Security Tool

Cyber Security

Having vulnerable digital initiatives can be damaging to any organization. When left unchecked, it can compromise private and sensitive information, and the repercussions are significantly harder to address. Yondu’s cybersecurity tool can:

  • Crawl thousands of pages with no interruptions;
  • Identify and detail the Compliance Standards elements (eg. HIPAA, PCI DSS 3.2, OWASP Top 10 2017) that a web app isn’t complying with, and;
  • Patch or repair vulnerabilities.


Yondu's Managed Services

Managed Services

The best people to deal with IT-related problems are always the IT experts. Even then, IT professionals do have their limitations, but when you manage to tap in a team of diverse and certified IT experts with recognition from organizations such as Amazon Web Services, you know you’re in great hands. This is where our Managed Services come in.

Being one of the leading managed services provider in the Philippines, Yondu is armed with a plethora of IT experts with various certifications that ensure that they can address even the most complex of concerns.


The Ayala ICT Summit 2018 event, with its focus on what the future looks like through technology for businesses, was an event worth attending. It gives participants the chance to learn what they can about where the industry is going and connect with each other to spearhead the world’s digital transformation. And we’re proud to have been a vital part of it.


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