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Cloud ERP Provider? Here’s Why Yondu is Your Best Choice

5 minutes read - June 13, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Picking the right cloud ERP provider is critical to long-term success. Here’s why Yondu is your best choice.

Nowadays, technology plays a huge part in boosting the productivity and efficiency of companies worldwide. One of the most in-demand and popular solutions is the Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. This is why business owners are in search for the best cloud ERP provider.

Instead of manually using spreadsheets, ERP automates and integrates business management functions. With ERP, businesses can experience many benefits like automated business processes, efficient workflows, higher customer satisfaction, secure data, and actionable business insights.

Compared to an on-premise ERP, a cloud-based ERP is more modern. It runs on a cloud, as its name suggests. 

To learn more about the differences between the two, read The Ultimate Comparison Between On-premise ERP and Cloud ERP

In these innovative times when numerous cloud ERP variations are available in the market, making sure you pick the right cloud ERP provider is critical to long-term success.

With the best cloud ERP provider on your side, you can achieve business success and improved operations. If you don’t know how to pick the right cloud ERP partner, consider the tips in this article.


5 Important Considerations When Choosing a Cloud ERP Provider

Carefully analyzing crucial factors in selecting a cloud ERP provider is a must to ensure success. Doing so can help filter out the cloud ERP vendors that may not be a good fit for your requirements.

The great news is that Acumatica offers cloud ERP solutions best suited for your business. In the Philippines, many industries can significantly benefit from an ERP System – construction, distribution, manufacturing, and many more.

Here are five essential considerations when choosing a cloud ERP partner and why Acumatica is the best choice for you:

1. Licensing and Other Fees

Some ERP software companies charge per user. For every additional user, you pay extra. This might be tricky for growing companies as they scale and eventually need to share access to more users. 

Acumatica ERP offers unlimited users for a single annual fee.

Acumatica does not charge for a full product with many features you may not use. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all ERP system. Acumatica only charges for the resources and product features you use. 


2. Layers of Support

Acumatica has a high customer satisfaction rating because of its support – customers come first. 

With Acumatica, every customer may experience personalized service and expert support from someone who understands your business needs. Acumatica uses a multi-layered approach to support customers:

  • Our industry-leading VAR network
  • 24/7 access to direct support from Acumatica
  • A thriving online community and comprehensive training resources

3. Security

Business systems like ERP software should be built with security in mind. Acumatica takes data security to the next level. This is because data is not stored locally but in the cloud, with full-time security experts doing the maintenance.

With Acumatica, every client’s data is stored in a separate database. All data is stored on Acumatica servers, never on the user’s computer. Therefore, all transactions are secure and encrypted using SSL technologies.


4. Compliance

Acumatica SaaS is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is to ensure the best cloud infrastructure experience. AWS infrastructure and solutions comply with regulations, standards, and best practices. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Acumatica if you have specific compliance requirements. Acumatica is open to review and provide the best possible options.

5. Business Health and Company Profile

Acumatica is a leading innovator in cloud ERP with customers worldwide.Being born in the cloud, Acumatica is built to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

Why is Acumatica the best ERP partner? Acumatica is a multi-awarded ERP software provider. These are just some of the awards they garnered: 

  • G2 Best Usability Mid-market ERP Systems
  • G2 Best Relationships Mid-market ERP Systems
  • 2022 CE Hot Products
  • 2022 CRN Partner Program Guide

Acumatica Cloud ERP Provider: Here’s Why Yondu is Your Best Choice

Yondu Inc. is one of the leading IT companies in the Philippines and is committed to providing holistic technological experiences that go above and beyond to meet your goals. 

Why should you choose Yondu as your Acumatica partner? Here are the reasons why:

1. Yondu is a Gold Certified Acumatica Partner

We passed strict training and testing requirements and successfully earned the Acumatica Gold Certification, supporting our commitment to serving you well.


2. We have the best team – everyone is certified

Our team is duly certified as experts and possesses deep proficiency with Acumatica and various ERP technologies to ensure exceptional service and ERP product delivery.

3. We have been serving clients for over two decades — and nothing is stopping us

Our two-decade experience equipped us with the best knowledge of the ins and outs of the IT world. We are certainly more robust than before, and we keep making history.

4. Many big brands trust us, and we’re looking forward to serving you too

We earned the trust of many big names across different industries. Yondu strives to accelerate your digital transformation and take your business to greater heights. Let us turn your great ideas into reality today.

Kickstart Your ERP Journey Today

Implementing a cloud ERP for your business is a crucial decision that will impact your company for many years. 

You can take all the time you want to decide, but remember: with so many technological advancements nowadays; your business will be left behind if you do not make a decision immediately. 

One of the best starts towards success in a fast-paced, high-tech world is having a functional cloud ERP system. With an ERP System, you can allocate resources like manpower and have more time to focus on core business functions.

Yondu, together with Acumatica, is here to guide you through your ERP journey. Let Yondu be your ERP provider in the Philippines and experience firsthand how Acumatica can transform your business.

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