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7 Top Qualities of IT Experts BFSI Companies Should Look For

3 minutes read - August 09, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Knowing the top qualities of IT experts lets you filter good talent from great talent in your IT search. Learn those qualities in this article.
Yondu Blog Top Qualities of IT Experts

When hiring IT staff, you should look for candidates with the top qualities of IT experts who can elevate your company to new heights. You would only want the best talent on your side as a reputable organization in the BFSI industry.

The right IT experts benefit your company in significant ways, from enhancing customer service to increasing overall productivity. Scrutiny of candidates is also vital in ensuring the proper handling of highly confidential and sensitive company and client data.

Filtering for the best talent to join your company is easier once you know what you’re looking for.

7 Top Qualities of IT Experts BFSI Companies Should Look For

Note these qualities as you search for the best IT professionals to join your organization.

1. Is in tune with the latest technologies

Technology trends are in constant flux. An IT expert in tune with the latest technologies helps your company keep up with the shifting trends and emerging technologies such as blockchain, distributed clouds, and the internet of behaviors. This quality also shows a passion for the industry, which means they’re willing to grow and learn as technologies advance.

2. Understands and does not fear data

McKinsey forecasts that interactions between humans and machines will be the standard by 2025. This scenario entails leveraging the power of data in every aspect of work.

Here, one of the top qualities of IT experts you should look for is their willingness to handle large amounts of data. Besides being skilled with spreadsheets, they must also be adept in analyzing and organizing big data, then making valuable insights from them to inform your business strategies so you can avoid financial risks.

3. Possesses the proper certifications

IT experts with certifications are excellent additions to your team. Being certified means they’re highly capable of fulfilling higher-level IT tasks. Some of the most in-demand IT certifications include:

Certified IT experts also boost your company’s reputation. As a leader in the BFSI industry, you cannot settle for uncertified talent. Pros on your team allow you to stay competitive against other established businesses in the BFSI industry.

Yondu University provides training and certifications even for the most experienced employees to continuously improve their IT skills and knowledge.

4. Is adaptable and teachable

Adaptability should be among the highest when ranking the top qualities of IT experts. An IT expert who can learn new technologies quickly is one that you can rely on when recent industry trends emerge.

Meanwhile, being teachable goes beyond learning the technical aspects of the industry. This quality entails knowing how to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with your team better. Likewise, this trait helps reduce company friction, increasing business productivity and efficiency.

5. Is interested in your business and industry

IT experts working at a higher level mustn’t only focus on specific problems your business typically encounters. They should also be able to zoom out and view the role of IT in your industry. Apart from keeping up with the latest BFSI industry trends, they should also be curious about what might be the next “big thing.”

IT experts with these qualities can provide valuable insights into your operations and innovate new ways to improve them.

6. Is solution-oriented

Problem-solving lies at the core of IT. One of the top qualities of IT experts is overcoming common IT challenges such as regulatory compliance, cybersecurity issues, hardware troubleshooting, and maintaining a reasonable uptime for the company’s digital systems. However, you may not only want someone who can solve these problems but also anticipate them and find ways to avoid them altogether.

7. Can simplify technical jargon

Another top quality of IT experts is their good fit with the team, and one of its elements is being an effective communicator.

Communication is part of the pillars of effective IT management, as this department involves interacting with various business units. The problem is that not everyone in the company may understand the highly technical jargon that IT experts commonly use. By communicating these terms more straightforwardly, the uninitiated can understand a highly technical problem.

Finding the Right IT Experts at Yondu

Knowing what you’re looking for when filling a role in your company is vital. When you know the top qualities of IT experts, finding the right person becomes much more manageable.

IT experts with the right skills, knowledge, and experience are valuable company assets. They help keep your business organization modern, relevant, and competitive against other BFSI players.

If you’re looking for IT experts to help you stand out in the BFSI industry, consider working with Yondu. We have a pool of IT professionals who can support your most complex IT tasks. Get in touch with us at Yondu today to learn more.