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7 Ways To Leverage Technology For Your Business

4 minutes read - October 17, 2019 - by Yondu Team
In today's technology-driven world, it's important to maximize digital tools and solutions to advance your business goals. Read this article to know more!

In today’s modern world, it’s important to leverage technology if you want to lead the competition. But the thing is, not a lot of businesses know how to use technology to their advantage.

So, we’ve compiled 7 awesome strategies to maximize technology in your business. Read on and find out how you can use technology to improve your processes, increase productivity, and advance your business goals!

7 Strategies to Maximize Technology for Your Business

1. Automate Your Internal Processes

Today, having concrete business plans and goals is not enough to make your business rise above the competition. You need to improve your business processes as well.

With the help of technology, financial and HR functions can run more smoothly. It comes with several other advantages too such as time and cost savings, efficiency, and consistency.

Yondu’s HR solutions, for example, can help your business savor these perks with its automated timekeeping system and payroll system.

Fortunately, you can also use HR tools to promote better employee engagement and productivity. Even better, you can streamline your processes at a considerably lower cost.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media


According to Statista, there are approximately 2.65 billion social media users in 2018 and it is expected to grow even bigger in the years to come. Given this impressive figure, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of social media.

You can engage with your customers through various social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to what people think about your brand and build a community of brand evangelists.

Don’t forget to provide value for your customers as well. You can do this by sharing dynamic content, videos, and photos.

3. Rise to the Cloud

Among the benefits of cloud include enhanced productivity and cost savings. Aside from these, cloud technology also helps address one of the major concerns of businesses, which is security.

Data breaches can negatively affect many business aspects including revenue and brand positioning. Cloud technology comes with advanced security features that help guarantee the security of your business data.

Mobility is also one of cloud’s major perks as you can access your data through smartphones and other devices. You can use cloud for services such as document storage, email and calendars, and video conferencing.

4. Offer More Flexibility


Mobile devices and internet connectivity can be beneficial to employers and employees alike. Employers can cut office expenses and enhance business continuity with a remote setup.

Meantime, employees can cut commute time, avoid office distractions, and savor work-life balance by working remotely. Consider turning mobility into a reality for your employees and avail of digital tools that can help you transition smoothly.

5. Promote Your Business with a Website

If you want to maximize your online presence and lure more people into your products and services, you will need an easy-to-navigate website. You can make a solid first impression for your brand when your website is developed in a way that offers convenience for your customers.

Consider seeking the help of custom developers or companies that offer custom software development services like Yondu. Keep in mind that it should be easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for on your website as well as your contact information.

6. Consider CRM Tools

CRM tools are useful, especially for salespeople. It offers a safe space for contacts, data, sales opportunities, and activities.

With the use of CRM tools, salespeople can optimize their daily schedules, track all customer communications, and easily prepare weekly or monthly reports. Simply put, it’s a great way to streamline your business process plus it helps to save money, too.

7. Use a Time Tracking Software

Time plays a crucial role in the success of any business. This is why it’s important to spend it wisely.

A time tracking software is a technology that you can use to accurately and efficiently plan and manage your projects. It also helps boost productivity, manage costs, and optimize every team member’s time.

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s important to maximize the technology that you have and consider other digital tools that may help improve your business processes. While it may take a while getting used to some of these technological tools, you will surely reap its benefits for your business.

Are you planning to take your business to a whole new level with the help of technology? Yondu makes it easier for businesses to jumpstart their digital transformation! Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.