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Managed Testing Services: Why It’s Good for Your Business

3 minutes read - November 10, 2022 - by Yondu Team
What comes next after app development? Test, test, test. Read on to know how to get a higher software success rate with software testing and QA services.
software testing and QA services

The advent of apps has changed how business is done and it’s essential for everyone to adapt and meet the market demand. This makes software testing and QA services an integral aspect of developing one.

Seventy percent of IT startups close their business approximately 20 months from its first capital raise, which is quite an alarming statistic.

Studies have shown that the total cost of poor software quality was $2.08 trillion. This included operational failures, cybersecurity, and legacy system failures. Meanwhile, the cost of unsuccessful software development projects in 2020 amounted to $260 billion.

The good news is there are ways to combat these failures. Businesses that have tested, monitored, and managed their software effectively avoided this crisis from the get-go. 

Software companies that employ software testing and QA services are known to have higher success rates in launching and efficiently utilizing their developed solutions.

What are Managed Testing Services?

Software testing is the process of proving the efficiency of a developed product and spotting any errors in it. It is a crucial step in the pre-launch process, which ensures that the software meets quality standards and functions according to purpose. 

In line with this, software quality monitoring management must also be implemented to spot any software glitches or process gaps while in use.

Managed Testing Services (MTS) is a bundled service offering both software testing and quality assurance services, including functional testing, test automation, and security testing. An all-in-one approach such as MTS can help businesses save on costs and other resources such as training and manpower.

Managed Expert Services VS Managed Testing Services

Managed Expert Services

Managed Expert Services (MES) can help enhance team productivity as experts take charge of specialized tasks that your internal team cannot manage. It helps free up resources and allow team members to focus on other tasks. MES includes:

  • BA-as-a-Service

Business Analysis-as-a-Service allows you to work with experts who understand an organization’s structure, systems, and policies.

  • Dev-as-a-Service

Work with a team of certified developers for the design, architecture, and development of your desired software, following industry best practices and standards.

  • PM-as-a-Service

Project Management-as-a-Service refers to on-demand scalable service for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of a project.

  • QA-as-a-Service

This quality management solution is focused on giving your organization confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

  • Solutions Blueprinting

Gain a better perspective of your business and technical requirements with Solutions Blueprinting (SBS) and ensure your organization’s maximum efficiency.

  • IT Staffing

Allow a team of IT industry hiring professionals to headhunt for you and help build your team of IT experts. 

Compared to MES, Managed Testing Services (MTS) is more focused on IT professionals working on software testing before product launch. It can also involve solutions monitoring and management to ensure that the product works as intended in a live operating environment.

Yondu’s Managed Testing Services

As a leading IT services provider, Yondu prides itself on providing clients with robust end-to-end software testing and QA services. Our all-inclusive approach enables an effective follow-through on processes, which results in great output.

Yondu offers these testing services to help your business launch functional and effective software applications:

Functional Testing 

Let our team of expert developers ensure the functionality, reliability, and stability of your app prior to launch. We’ve put together a comprehensive functional testing process which includes:

  • System Testing 
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing 
  • Integration Testing   

Test Automation 

You want to maximize your resources without compromising integrity. We cover the following to ensure a swift application launch:

  • System Testing 
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing 
  • Integration Testing  

Security Testing 

Don’t let the slightest probability of a security breach hinder your software’s success and credibility. Spot and fix any vulnerabilities before they become a liability.

Our team is composed of IT experts and analysts who are certified by renowned organizations in the industry. Most clients take advantage of our complete MTS services for a higher software success rate. This involves:

1. Test plans 

2. Methodologies

3. Knowledge transfer

4. Test reporting and project management

5. Product quality measurements

6. Test devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS)

7. Test case creation and execution

Our end-to-end MTS solutions come at a competitive price, allowing you to take advantage of high-caliber services at a price you can afford. 

The Starter Pack is valued at Php 129,999 with inclusions. Subscribers receive an extra 150 test cases per month for the first three months upon signing up. Prices will increase per tier as the number of cases increases and additional inclusions are added with a higher tier.

Your team has worked hard to develop your software– let us ensure a successful launch. Talk to our team about the many possibilities today.

Danna Borbon
Content Specialist