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5 Things You Must Know About SMS Marketing Before 2021 Ends

4 minutes read - December 28, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Still not considering SMS as your marketing medium? Know how SMS marketing performed this 2021 and make your decision now.

A lot of businesses took this opportunity to maximize SMS marketing in 2021.

When the COVID19 pandemic hit the world, and the lockdown happened, everyone got stuck at home.

Everyone needed to find ways to cope, mobile phones significantly became more necessary. For some, it became their medium for entertainment.

For students, they needed mobile phones to get through their online classes. Many also used their mobile phones to acquire needs like food and grocery items.

Lastly, mobile phones became relevant to communicating with friends we could not meet during the pandemic.

This became a great opportunity for many businesses to penetrate and concentrate on SMS marketing.

Because while mobile phones continue to skyrocket in the market, SMS marketing also proves still to be the most effective marketing medium.

This is because SMS is one of the standard features of every phone, whether it is a basic phone or smart mobile phone.

SMS continues to prove its massive potential in spreading marketing campaigns. With or without an internet connection, you can send your message to your list of clients.


SMS Marketing in 2021

This is not the first time SMS showed promising results in marketing. It has existed even in the previous years.

But when we talk about the year 2021, how did SMS marketing perform? Here are some worth noting facts about SMS this year:

1. People who are using smartphones have increased.

This year, there are approximately 6.4 billion smartphone users worldwide. Compared to last year’s 6.1 billion, the number has apparently increased.

Amazingly, this number translates to almost 81% of the world’s population. In general, there are 7.1 billion people who own mobile phones, according to Statista.

This is almost 90% of the world’s population.

There has been a significant increase in the number of mobile phone users in the past six years worldwide.

In our country, there are 41.31 million people who own smartphones.

2. SMS still has a 98% open rate compared to e-mail. 


SMS marketing still remains to have an almost perfect open rate of 98%. This is a lot higher than the open rate of e-mail marketing which is 20%.

This is because customers are notified instantly, directly, and on a more personal level. Users tend to open the text messages upon receiving them immediately.

3. Customers tend to read text messages 1-5 minutes after receiving them.

Generally, customers open text messages immediately upon receiving them. Everyone carries a mobile phone almost everywhere, and a text message can be received even without an internet connection.

Users open text messages within 90 seconds of delivery. According to surveys, around 60% of mobile phone owners read texts within 1 to 5 minutes after receiving them.

Again, this is way higher than e-mail marketing. E-mail open rates hover around 90 minutes.

4. SMS marketing is more cost-effective compared to online advertising.


SMS marketing remains one of the most effective yet cheaper ways of promotion and reaching your current and potential customers.

Basically, everyone who owns a mobile phone knows how to send an SMS. You do not need to hire a professional to do the job for you.

If you own a small business, you can create your marketing SMS and send it in bulk. Just like that, your customers will immediately receive your message.

On the other hand, huge companies and enterprises need to find an SMS provider to send to thousands and even millions of clients.

However, SMS marketing is cheaper than online marketing, which requires paid advertising and the creation of varied materials.

5. Customers prefer to engage via SMS than other marketing methods.

SMS marketing shows great potential when used correctly. Because it provides a messaging platform on a more personal level, customers engage immediately.

Reports show that 75% of consumers prefer to receive promotions and other marketing messages via text message.

Indeed, users are receptive to SMS marketing.


Role of Aggregator in SMS Marketing

You may not be familiar with what an SMS aggregator is. An SMS aggregator is a mediator between your SMS software provider and different network providers.

Having an SMS aggregator to take care of your SMS marketing campaigns has many benefits for your business:

  1. More Effective SMS Campaigns
  2. Fast and Reliable Delivery of SMS
  3. Seamless Marketing Process
  4. More Opportunity for Business Growth
  5. Enhanced Customer Experience

To select an aggregator for your SMS marketing, there are certain factors to consider: Speed of Delivery, Capacity Management, and Superior Reach. 


Yondu as Your SMS Aggregator

Partnering with a trusted SMS Aggregator is the best step to level up your SMS marketing.

The great news is that Yondu Inc. is offering SMS aggregation services. Find out more of our services here.