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How to Choose an SMS Aggregator For Your Business

4 minutes read - October 27, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Find out the essential factors you need to consider when choosing an SMS aggregator for your business in the Philippines.
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SMS remains invaluable for businesses, particularly in helping enterprises reach their customers. It’s no wonder why many organizations are looking for a reliable SMS aggregator in the Philippines to help maximize their reach and engagement.

If you’re on the lookout for an SMS aggregator to partner with, there are certain factors you should consider. Read on as we’ve rounded them up in this list to help you choose the right one for your business.

What is an SMS Aggregator?

But first, you need to understand what an SMS aggregator does.

SMS aggregators link SMS software providers with wireless carriers to ensure compliance and optimum delivery of messages to consumers.

Without an SMS aggregator, businesses and SMS software providers would need to deal with different carriers by themselves, which is time-consuming and costly.

If you’re an SMS service provider, SMS aggregators will help ensure your customers’ messages are routed to the appropriate carriers so their customers can read their messages.

The good news is that there are several SMS aggregators in the Philippines. The challenge only comes in choosing the right one for your business. Here are three crucial considerations you should not miss when deciding who to partner with.

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an SMS Aggregator

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1. Speed of Delivery

Speed of delivery is crucial regardless of the type of message you’re going to send. Whether it’s a logistic update, booking confirmation, or appointment reminder, you have to make sure that it is delivered instantly.

Real-time delivery is the most significant advantage of SMS over snail mails and emails. Additionally, SMS boasts high open and read rates compared to emails that remain unchecked and letters tossed in the bin.

Statistics show that SMS’ open rate is at 98%. Interestingly, it also takes only 90 seconds for an average person to respond to a text, compared to 90 minutes for an email.

Given that many people find it hard to ignore a message alert, it makes sense to maximize SMS. This is where an SMS aggregator plays a crucial role.

An excellent SMS aggregator helps ensure the quick and efficient delivery of your messages. This nearly instantaneous communication will greatly benefit both businesses and customers.

It’s also important to note that speed impacts the relevance of your text message. So, consider the delivery time when choosing an SMS aggregator.

2. Capacity Management

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Gone are the days you need to prepare and send bulk flyers and postcards to a long mailing list. Today, you can deliver bulk messages with less effort, but with a crucial consideration: compliance.

Your message recipients must agree to receive communications, and SPAM must be avoided at all cost. Given this, it’s important to look for an SMS aggregator in the Philippines that will help you achieve these best practices.

A reliable aggregator will advise you about proper regulatory guidelines to enhance your content. Plus, it will help make your SMS API connection services more agile to support lengthy messages.

Concatenation or splitting long messages into multiple messages and reassembling them in order is a complex work you wouldn’t want to deal with. A superior SMS aggregator will take care of this tedious task, saving you a significant amount of time and effort.

Put simply, you also have to closely examine an aggregator’s capacity to ensure it can manage concatenated bulk messages efficiently.

3. Superior Reach

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Reach is another essential aspect that you should consider. An SMS aggregator must offer a seamless routing service with superior reach. Aggregators that encourage spam-like content to mobile marketers are blocked by telcos because of abuse.

Remember that organizations have moved away from emails to text messaging due to spam. So, it’s wise to have separate services for text messages and email.

For text messages, your SMS aggregator must support all networks used by your organization, your clients, and your clients’ customers.

It wouldn’t be noticeable for the end user who simply receives a text message. But you need to be careful with choosing an SMS aggregator to ensure it meets your messaging requirements.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed businesses to get creative when it comes to reaching their customers. SMS proves to be an effective tool in keeping businesses and customers connected, especially at an era of physical distancing.

For brands, this means partnering with the right SMS service provider. For SMS service providers, this means finding the right SMS aggregator. The great news is that technology companies like Yondu offer SMS solutions, such as SMS aggregation services.

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