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56th PMAP Annual Conference: Yondu Driven to ‘Excellerate’

2 minutes read - August 06, 2019 - by Yondu Team
Yondu participates in the 56th PMAP Annual Conference where solutions, best practices, and HR technologies were shared. Take a look at what transpired during this insightful event!
opening of pmap annual conference

The PMAP Annual Conference is back this year with a call to business leaders and people managers: EXCELLERATE.

The biggest HR event in the country took place at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City from July 17 to 19. Over a thousand participants attended the conference, which became an avenue for solutions, best practices, and HR technologies.

PMAP Annual Conference Participants Business leaders and people managers eager to “Excellerate” fill the room

Influential speakers encouraged key players in people management to excel and accelerate at the same time, hence, the wordplay, Excellerate. This is amid disruptions caused by technological change.

The three-day conference also discussed challenges common in the people management profession, including the impact of tech developments on business models and people.

PMAP Annual Conference and Top-Notch Solutions

Some of the most influential names in their respective industries shared ideas, concepts, and solutions on how to overcome these adversities. Most of the solutions highlighted the use of technology in shaping the future of businesses.

Amid talks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing talent, reputable speakers during the event emphasized the need to remain people-centric. They also magnified the use of technology as a complement in advancing business goals.

Ruel Maranan, President of Ayala Foundation, Inc. pointed out the need to “remain humane in the age of digital transformation.”

PMAP Annual Conference Speakers
Some of the keynote speakers during the PMAP Annual Conference

Different exhibitors, including Yondu, Inc. also graced the conference. This was in line with Yondu’s mission to help companies flourish in today’s highly digitized world.

Yondu makes this possible by providing top-notch technological experiences all the while empowering human talent.

Yondu Booth at PMAP Annual Conference Our Yondudes entertaining inquiries in our booth

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