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Milo Marathon: Yondu Champions Fitness and Active Lifestyle

8 minutes read - August 07, 2019 - by Yondu Team
Our Yondudes joined this year’s Milo Marathon, and they finished strong! Read on to learn from their experiences and key takeaways in this post!
Yondu employees at Milo Marathon

Our Yondudes are back at the Milo Marathon Manila – and they’re grittier than ever!

As part of its Work-Life Harmony initiatives, Yondu champions the hobbies and interests of its employees such as Sports and Games.

Our Yondudes are grateful for this support, and so they’re back for the fourth consecutive year with bigger goals and a grittier mindset. Here’s what they have to say about the experience and their key takeaways!

Motivation for joining: “I decided to join the Milo marathon this year because it’s my first time to run for a 10-kilometer run. As part of the Yondu Fitness Club, I want to see and test my pace kung nasa’n na ‘ko. Aside from joining Sun’s Out Fitness Club and Adidas Runners Manila, I subscribed to virtual runs, accumulated runs within a month. In a certain month, you have to achieve – for example, 50-kilometer or 100-kilometer run. In that way, I think I’m pushing myself in a nice way.”

The experience: “Actually, I was hesitant before the run. Two weeks before the run, I was really hesitant if I can make it so medyo nagse-second thoughts na ‘ko if go-go pa ‘ko or not since Milo marathon is not just a fun run. There’s a time limit for every category. For example, for the 10-kilometer run, you have to achieve it within one hour and 30 minutes. So, if wala ka do’n, okay lang naman kaso lang syempre di ba, of course you want to have this 10K finisher medal. And thankfully, I achieved the 10 kilometer run – one hour and eight minutes. It’s actually fulfilling since ‘yung expectation ko na hindi ko siya mamee-meet ng one hour and 30 minutes, naachieve ko. So, it’s really fulfilling and I’m looking forward to more runs.”

Key takeaway: “Aside from consistent runs, kasi you have to achieve this consistent running muna para ma-achieve mo rin ‘yung right pace for you – for your body. So, aside from that, you have to have this daily or weekly target. To achieve that, you have to look at the bigger perspective which is your bigger target. Siguro more of heart din — running by heart. And don’t push yourself much na parang kino-compete mo na yung sarili mo sa ibang tao. For example, bakit si Runner A, kaya niya ‘to? Bakit ako hindi? So don’t put yourself down because you have your own pace and strategy in running, even in fitness. So, don’t compare yourself talaga sa iba. Your greatest competitor is yourself.”

– Khia Cerezo, Sales and Lead Generation Specialist (10K Finisher)

10K Finisher at Milo Marathon

Motivation for joining: “It’s my first time to challenge myself na mag-10K ako na need ko makasama doon sa time cap to beat my personal record for 10K. Before, I did 10K pero hindi ‘yun yung goal ko. I expected more from myself kasi iniisip ko natapos ko naman siya, so in the end, nagawa ko pa rin yung goal ‘ko, which is to beat my personal record before. But based on my trainings or ‘yung mga runs ko, I know I can do much better.”

The experience: “It’s something new for me. I have a goal to meet: the one hour 30-minute cap, so for me, it’s more challenging than what I used to do before in my previous run, and even the run that I joined from last time with Yondu. This is more challenging. In preparation, I honestly planned talaga to run consistently for the past few weeks. Apparently, I went to an event. But still, I prepared in terms of fasting, workout na lang sa home, but not on running na. I still look at my goal pa rin. Yun lang talaga. I’m always looking at my pace and my time na kung aabot ba talaga ako.”

Key takeaway: “Whatever happens, once that you have a goal, you’re actually going to strive to achieve it, which is what happened to me. I was able to hit it naman. Hindi nga lang dun sa expectations ko. But still, achievement pa rin siya, kaya ko pala. “

– Cheska Cornejo, Business Development Officer (10K Finisher)

10K finisher at milo marathon

Motivation for joining: “First, I’m influenced by my colleagues because I joined the Sun’s Out. Nothing personal naman and very deep. ‘Yun lang, influence. Number two, same with others, siguro I want to challenge myself because two years ago, I joined the Milo marathon, 10K din. But I wasn’t able to hit the 1.5-hour target, so parang naka-two and a half-hour walk ako with taho. Hindi ako aware na may medal. So, this time, gusto kong magkamedal. I know I’d be able to achieve it this time. Alam ko pag-uwi ko, may medal ako.”

The experience: “It was fulfilling. Pero ‘yung last two kilometers, sobrang haba niya. It was the longest two kilometers of my life. Ang layo ng finish line because ang practice ko lang naman is 5 kilometers lang. Hindi ko pa na-a-achieve ‘yung 10, so that day ko lang inachieve yung 10.”

Key takeaway: “Be with the right group din kasi they will influence you talaga to something na hindi naman sure na makakaya mo siyang gawin. And my message, siguro while young, it’s good that we consider ‘yung health natin.”

– Alyza De Guzman, Strategy and Innovations Manager (10K Finisher)

21k female finisher at milo marathon

Motivation for joining: “Well, I always join Milo. This is my fourth Milo Marathon. I started at 10K — my first run, four years ago. And then after that, that’s when I started running talaga. My motivation for joining is to stay fit at my age. Definitely, I’m targeting a cut-off time to finish it before 2 hours and 30 minutes, and I finished because that is the cutoff (time) to get a medal.”

The experience: “Well, it’s first time for me to officially – well, I’ve been running before. But for that time, it’s my first time to meet the cutoff for Milo, so medyo gruesome experience siya. I’ve been running for more than two years and I’ve ran two full marathons, so for me the challenge is the time to train because it requires a lot of your training hours. To run a marathon, you need 22 weeks to train. And then to run probably half marathon, you really need to train three to four times a week. And it’s hard for a mom to do that. Just discipline, find time.”

Key takeaway: “You can do anything as long as you just put your heart into it and anything is possible. First, you just have to have the discipline to do it, and you just have to start with a single step. So first, discipline. And just believe in yourself that you can do it. I think that’s the two basic ingredients.”

– Chachi Cordero, COO and CFO (21K Finisher)

21k male finisher at milo marathon

Motivation for joining: “Actually I decided to join the marathon because I’ve also been running a few years back. Since I’m the captain of the Yondu Fitness Club, I want to encourage all my members and to set an example, and basically to have them join as well. Before the race, I’ve actually trained and I’ve expected it to be a challenge because of course 21 kilometers – that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

The experience: “The experience was as I expected it would be – challenging. I would like to thank all my members for encouraging me as well because without them, I wouldn’t be training as hard to be ready for this race.”

Key takeaway: “You should take fitness as part of your daily routine and make sure that outside work, you also have a healthy lifestyle. And don’t step back from any challenge. Push through and move forward. I would like to invite those who want to be fit and active to join the Yondu Fitness Club to have a sense of belongingness. Everyone is welcome to try out our exercises, our routines. For the next challenges that we’re preparing, don’t miss out. I encourage everyone to join as well.”

– Bryan Dacanay, Sr. Business Developer (21K Finisher)

21k male finisher at milo marathon

Motivation for joining: “I joined the marathon because last year, I didn’t get the chance to join the marathon and I wanted to redeem myself. I’ve been doing a lot of fitness activities with Sun’s Out and Adidas on the weekdays, so I want to see how well I can push my limit. This is my first 21K run and it was good. I honestly think I wouldn’t make it in time for the 2 hours and 30 minutes. As preparation, I went to these Yondu Fitness activities, Sun’s Out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Adidas on Mondays and Wednesdays. And we did long-distance low runs on the weekends. But most of the time, it’s just a bunch of short distances around BGC.”

The experience: “I honestly thought it would rain because the night of the marathon it was raining. I thought we would have to run through the rain. But I was prepared for anything. It was dealt with.”

Key takeaway: “Stay fit, stay healthy. You don’t really have to have a great healthy lifestyle because I eat whatever I want to eat and I do not diet. I’m just very active during the weekdays with my Yondu Fit friends. Keep moving a lot and just make sure you have your exercise weekly, kailangan mo ‘yan. And just believe in yourself.”

– Martin Ikemura, Talent Acquisition Lead (21K Finisher)

21k male finisher and 42k male finisher at milo marathon

Motivation for joining: “The reason why I joined is because I wanted to break my own personal record for the 42K. I’m actually aiming for a sub 4-hour finish. Though unfortunately, I missed my personal target by 14 minutes. My target is somewhere around three hours 50 minutes, but dreaming about it and actually doing it is the challenge. And regardless of how many runs you make, regardless of your intention and motivation, you really need to put all the strategy, all the effort, and all the motivation together to make it happen. So, it’s no easy task.”

The experience: “It’s personally satisfying for me because one, I was able to finish strong – no significant pain, no injury. It’s a good experience, and I’m actually banking on this experience ‘cause I’m closer to beating my target – two targets actually: one is the qualifying time, second is my personal target of sub 4-hours marathon. I was able to slash it by like 15 minutes of my previous record, the next run should be closer.”

Key takeaway: “You need to really put in the right training plan, the right mindset, the right attitude, including diet. You have to earn the distance, you have to earn your miles under your legs for you to get your desired result and hit your personal best. You have to check your motivation – what you really want for yourself. If you’re aiming for a fitness improvement for yourself, you have to start somewhere. The hardest part towards fitness is the starting part. If you’re not going to start, whatever that is, however small, you’re not going to achieve anything. So, just do it!”

– Mon Hirang, VP for Enterprise Solutions (42K Finisher)

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