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Managed Services and Cybersecurity: The ‘No-Playbook’ Play

4 minutes read - October 16, 2018 - by Yondu Team
In our introductory post about cybersecurity in the field of Philippine businesses, we mentioned that “There is no playbook for it,” and we stand by this phrase’s accuracy when it comes to cyber criminals’ behavior. However, we also believe that this mindset can be your...

In our introductory post about cybersecurity in the field of Philippine businesses, we mentioned that “There is no playbook for it,” and we stand by this phrase’s accuracy when it comes to cyber criminals’ behavior. However, we also believe that this mindset can be your strongest ally when it comes to protecting your business.

Like any criminal out there, hackers operate at a whole other tangent that takes root in one concept: exploiting routine. They are not like a normal 8-5 enterprise that only works within those set hours, within a certain system, and does the same thing every day.

In fact, it’s in this very routine that they find the best opportunity to strike, because they can establish a pattern and find the loophole in it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be as unpredictable as they are. It’s understandably a huge risk and investment to keep on migrating to another system or keep your laptop on 24/7 just to get the first indication of a possible vulnerability. There’s also the case of simple unfamiliarity with how cybercrime operates – one that can’t be addressed simply by a few courses on website troubleshooting.


Data Breach and What Most Enterprises are Doing Wrong

The most common mistake business owners assume about cyber-attacks is that, once you have a system set up to detect and prevent data breach, you’re automatically insured for life. But cybercriminals are crafty – this is merely a challenge for them to overcome. There’s a reason, after all, why apps and programs tend to release updates and patches. They aren’t just fine-tuning their products, but they’re also answering vulnerabilities that cropped up in their software that are exploitable when discovered.

But, again, your office hours only encompass a certain timeframe, and you can’t reasonably expect that you or your in-house IT personnel has all the time in the world to keep tabs on your website. You have a business to run, while they have all the IT-related issues to fix to keep your processes running as smoothly as possible.

Managed Services, however, can help you.



Managed Services: Your Powerful Ally Against Cybercrime

The most difficult part of keeping up with your cyber security is the time and effort that it demands. Like mentioned above, cybercriminals don’t work in the same timeframe as a normal enterprise would. They can attack first thing in the morning, the minute you open your laptop and type in your credentials, or even in the middle of the night when you think no one is accessing your files.

A round-the-clock surveillance and prompt disaster management as soon as the vulnerability is detected, then, is the only way to answer this ever-present risk. But maintenance costs are heavy for this kind of operation – not to mention that you can’t reasonably expect your IT personnel to stay online and monitor your platforms 24/7.

This is where Managed Services, particularly from Yondu, plays to this factor. Because we know that cybercriminals are both relentless in their pursuit and don’t function only within a set system towards their goals, we developed our own framework to be on par with this irrefutable fact.

Based on your needs, there are different types of Managed Services options available for you:

  • Managed Expert Services – Whether your concerns and needs are centered around Project Management, UI/UX Design, BA, Development, or QA, you can rest assured that your IT delivery objectives can be met and are backed by powerful security measures to make sure that your data is not compromised throughout the entire phase and beyond. Our team of experts know how to mitigate whatever possible concern might crop up and can make sure that you are at the lowest risk possible of experiencing data breach.
  • Managed Application Services – The world is becoming more and more mobile, and this means more and more applications to meet productivity demands. If your application has problems that can’t be solved easily with a Google search, or if your primary product is an application that may be compromised, this is the best option to go for. Yondu’s team of experts is 100% ITIL certified, and ready for your varied concerns.
  • Managed System Administration Services – Systems are the backbone of your company’s entire process, and while cybercriminals are looking to exploit it, doesn’t mean you have to remain vulnerable for attacks. Our system experts help optimize, monitor, and manage your systems so you can maximize productivity without worrying about your system’s security.
  • Managed Desktop Support Services – Cybercriminals rely on predictability, but a secure, steady work environment tailored specifically for your needs makes it harder for them to figure out your system as they would most likely need insider help. While you’re working on an optimized desktop, you’re also augmenting the chances of protecting your system against data breach.


Ready for Managed Services?

Yondu is your best option for your Managed Services needs in the Philippines, as you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re accommodated by 100% ITIL-certified specialists with years of experience.

And if there’s anything you need to know more about our Managed Services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!