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These 5 Soft Skills Will Help You Succeed in Your IT Career

4 minutes read - September 05, 2019 - by Yondu Team
Having these essential soft skills will help you succeed in your IT career. Find out what soft skills you need to develop as an IT professional!

Whether you’re fresh from university or a tech aspirant, you need to have IT soft skills if you want to make it big in the industry. While hard skills make you valuable especially in the IT space, you need to complement them with certain soft skills as well.  

So, what are these soft skills exactly and how can you hone them? Read on as we’ve compiled the essential soft skills that will help you succeed in your IT career!

5 Essential Soft Skills for IT Jobs

Today’s competitive job market demands a good balance of hard skills and soft skills. Even if you are an IT guru, it wouldn’t be enough to make you stand out without these soft skills:


Verbal and written communication are important soft skills in the workplace. They play a crucial role in building relationships and improving your productivity meter.

Employers are looking for IT professionals that can clearly discuss project objectives and IT concepts to developers and non-techies alike. Communication skills can also boost your performance as they help you understand your manager’s expectations, allowing you to deliver outstanding results.

While strong communication skills are vital in an IT job, it is rarely emphasized in education programs. One way to hone this essential soft skill is to attend public speaking and communication workshops.

Problem Solving


Regardless of industry, problem-solving is one of the key soft skills employers are looking for in applicants. Employers value team players who can take action when something goes wrong.

Problem-solvers are indispensable to an employer because they can navigate through unexpected challenges. Instead of complaining, they analyze what causes the unwanted situation and generates interventions to meet a goal.

If you want to succeed in your IT career, you must know how to be a problem solver, too. Begin with analyzing the problem and come up with alternative solutions before bringing it to your manager’s attention.


A company’s success is a product of a collective effort. Employers are looking for team players who can collaborate with their co-workers to reach a common goal.

Teamwork also helps strengthen the company culture and improve the quality of work. It also promotes unity and synergy in the workplace and boosts team productivity. 

You can be a good team player by offering a helping hand when you see a co-worker struggling. Ask how you can help, and assist your colleague in achieving his or her objectives.


IT professionals often face unwanted situations such as technical problems or last-minute changes. This makes flexibility one of the most important soft skills for IT jobs.

Employers value team players who are ready to tackle any challenge by seeking creative solutions rather than complaining. Flexibility also helps enhance the productivity and efficiency of day-to-day operations.

If you want to be more flexible, learn how to accept changes and think about how they can be addressed immediately. Also, be open to receive feedback about how you can further improve.



Employees with leadership potential gain an edge as they show the capacity to take over the reins one day and build on the company’s legacy. Having leadership skills will also open doors for more opportunities and higher pay. 

It comes as no surprise why employers prefer applicants with leadership skills because good leaders can do a lot. They can inspire and motivate the workforce, maintain balance and productivity, and promote a happy culture.

Having leadership skills is easier said than done, though. If you want to hone this essential soft skill, you must learn how to motivate a team first and take on more responsibility.

In a nutshell, having hard skills is equally important as having soft skills. If you want to make it big in the IT-sphere, you have to maximize both and do your best always.

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