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IT Services: Choosing the Best Tech Solution For Your Business

5 minutes read - May 12, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Not sure which IT services you need to scale your business? Check out this full list of IT solutions to find the right one for your business.

Slow networks, unsuccessful backups, and insufficient technical support put your business at a disadvantage. And it can be challenging to figure out which IT services would help you overcome these taxing tech woes.

If you’re curious to know how to find the right IT solutions for your business’ pain points, read on. We’ll get to the heart of common IT issues and help you determine the right IT services to solve them.

What are IT Services?

But first, let’s define what IT services are.

IT services enable organizations to create, manage, and optimize their access to information and processes by applying business and technical expertise.

They are segmented by skill types essential for delivering the service, including design, build, and run.

There are different service categories: application services, business process services, and infrastructure services.

Many companies are outsourcing these IT services to let experts handle what their internal staff cannot support. By partnering with the right IT support provider, enterprises can reduce costs over time as it can prevent problems from arising in the first place.

How to Choose the Right IT Services for Your Business

Now that you have a general understanding of IT services, let’s break down some of their most common types. Take a look at these examples of IT services and the corresponding business challenges they help address.

Managed IT Services

Ideal solution for: Lack of qualified or professional experience

Modern businesses likely have ongoing IT tasks that require regular management. Some of these tasks include putting in place cybersecurity measures, running equipment, and monitoring applications, among others.

But the thing is, not all businesses have in-house resources to manage these tasks effectively. Here’s where IT outsourcing comes in handy.

Managed IT Service is when companies outsource specific IT functions to a third-party provider known as Managed Service Provider (MSP).

MSPs serve companies that have little or no internal capabilities by providing experts to perform crucial IT functions.

MSP services range from basic ones like keeping IT equipment working, to providing an entire team to manage a business’ tech operations.

Here are some of the managed IT services you can outsource to keep your business functioning optimally:

  • App Services. With app services, support teams help you boost the operability, security, and speed of your applications.
  • Systems Admin Services. Solve issues and maintain the optimal performance of your systems, servers, and networks with the help of outsourced IT experts.
  • Desktop Services. Maximize efficient onsite and remote IT support to ensure the security and reliability of your computers.
  • Expert Services. Gain a fresh perspective and develop innovative solutions for your corporate needs as experts help you address project gaps.
  • IT Staff Augmentation. Allow a reliable third-party provider with IT industry hiring experts to do the staff recruitment for your organization.

Custom Software Development

Ideal solution for: Outdated technology

smiling businesswoman using laptop in outdoor urban setting

Every business has unique requirements, and custom software development works to address those specific needs.

Just like how a suit is tailor-fit based on style preferences and accurate measurements, a custom software solution is designed for unique and distinct functions.

Otherwise known as bespoke software, custom software helps businesses address pain points by creating tailored solutions, such as:

– A banking app designed to meet the needs of a financial institution and its customers
– An equipment maintenance program for manufacturers

In-house development teams typically develop custom software, although you can also outsource it to a third-party provider. Below are some examples of custom software solutions:

  • Web Applications Development. Develop a tailor-made web-based solution, be it a corporate website or an e-commerce store, to address internal and external issues.
  • Mobile Applications Development. Be mobile-ready with stable and safe mobile applications developed by an industry expert third-party provider.
  • System Integration. Integrate all your IT subsystems into a single platform for enhanced access and maximum efficiency.
  • Business and Productivity Software. Enhance business processes and optimize workflow in less time through custom-fit software.

Cloud Business Solutions

Ideal solution for: Business continuity and disaster recovery

Closeup of businessman's smartphone with cloud computing symbol

Cloud services are software, infrastructure, or platforms that third-party providers host and make available through the internet.

They facilitate user data flow from front-end clients (e.g., users’ desktops, servers, tablets, etc.) to the provider’s systems and back.

Organizations can benefit from cloud services in many incredible ways. For instance, cloud solutions help enterprises increase their agility by making IT resources accessible in a few clicks.

Another benefit, and probably the most significant, is they support business continuity and disaster recovery.

Cloud computing services help organizations to back up their sensitive data and information, applications, and operating systems speedily.

By enabling faster uploads and downloads of important computing features, organizations can be better prepared for natural and human-made disasters.

Take a look at some of the cloud business solutions you can empower your business with:

  • Cloud Migration. Support flexibility, elasticity, and redundancy on a pay-per-use model.
  • Cloud Orchestration. Streamline and automate cloud operations to reduce overall resource cost.
  • Cloud Security. Manage risks brought about by natural and human-made incidents and ensure business continuity.

Ready-to-Use Platforms

Ideal solution for: Team productivity, workforce efficiency, and customer engagement

Custom-made solutions make wise investments for unique business needs. But if you’re looking for a more accessible and convenient option, ready-to-use platforms are your best bet.

Since these platforms are already readily available, you no longer need to ideate, plan, and develop a solution from scratch.

Apart from saving a significant amount of effort, they also allow you to avoid steep development costs.

Even better, these platforms free your team from mundane tasks, allowing them to remain productive and efficient.

Some platforms are also designed to help your business engage with your customers more effectively.

These pre-built solutions are great options for startups and small organizations, although large enterprises may also find them beneficial for their bottom line.

Take a look at some of the ready-to-use platforms you can leverage for your business:

  • Visitor Management. Utilize a visitor management tool to search through your visitor log quickly and efficiently.
  • Ecommerce Solutions. Create a digital store using a platform with built-in tools and features designed to make your life easier.
  • Cloud ERP Software. Ensure team productivity and business efficiency with a top-notch management solution.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing IT services to a third-party technology provider makes a sound choice, especially if you’re seeking to accelerate your business.

Thankfully, there are reputable and reliable IT companies that offer these services. If you’re not sure how to find the right technology partner for your business, you can read this guide.

Wrapping up, these IT services provide a much-need relief for any struggling organization. The key is to assess your business needs, seek out the best solution, and partner with the right IT services company.

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