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7 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with HRIS

4 minutes read - March 24, 2023 - by Yondu Team
Seeking streamlined work processes? This article will explain how HRIS can enhance work productivity.
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With the increasing importance of an innovative workforce in the modern business landscape, many companies look for ways on how to boost productivity with HRIS. Productivity metrics measure the employees’ work output quality and engagement during work. 

Unfortunately, not all employees have the same quality of engagement. A study shows that 85% of employees were either not fully engaged or consistently disengaged during work in the first half of 2021. Poor employee engagement can hamper your business’s progress and leave your employees dissatisfied, but do not worry. Utilizing an HRIS can mitigate employee disengagement.

What is HRIS? 

HRIS, or human resources information system, gathers and stores data regarding employee information. It also functions as a tool for recruitment, tracking employee performance, and other essential HR tasks. 

There are two ways to operate an HRIS: through your company’s technical infrastructure or through cloud providers. The latter is ideal because it is easier to update and requires no investments for infrastructure setup. 

Apart from collating and storing data about your employees, HRIS is also capable of carrying out and simplifying other tasks, such as the following: 

  • Absence and attendance management
  • Benefits management
  • Payslips and timesheets
  • Grievance handling
  • Training and development   

Furthermore, HRIS can integrate with existing systems for quick and efficient management of various functions. For example, you can use HRIS alongside your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in tracking HR, finance, inventory, and supply chain in a single system. 

How to Boost Productivity with HRIS 

HRIS productivity functions run the gamut, but here are some of the most notable ones. 

1. Streamlines the recruiting process 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a module in an HRIS that manages and monitors your company’s recruiting needs. It performs a range of functions, such as the following: 

  • Tracking candidate information and their resumes 
  • Matching job openings with suitable candidates from the company’s list of applicants 
  • Scheduling interviews and follow-ups

The ATS module in your HRIS can help your recruitment team focus on the more critical tasks of their job, including scrutinizing potential recruits.

2. Automatically calculates payroll accurately without a manual timesheet  

Manually tracking attendance is a time-consuming process—not to mention having your employees manually fill up their time sheets increases the chances of errors. 

Thanks to HRIS, you can automate this task so that your employees do not have to accomplish their daily timesheets. Plus, your payroll staff can use the HRIS to compute employees’ salaries and wages automatically. 

3. Reduces the number of HR tickets via an employee self-service portal   

HRIS implementation enables your employees to have a suite of self-service options, helping reduce the number of HR tickets in the queue. Here, the benefits of using HRIS are twofold: managers and their team members can have more time to focus on their priorities.

HRIS also has chatbots and virtual assistants that can communicate with applicants to schedule interviews, screen candidates, and others. 

4. Improves employee competence through training and development  

Teaching new skills to your employees is essential to keeping them productive and efficient. Not only does training make them more skilled, but it also serves as an incentive to continue working for your company. 

In addition, training programs are opportunities for your employees to prepare for promotions and motivate them to do their jobs better. Indeed, providing the proper training makes your employees feel valued. 

HRIS helps your staff implement training and development programs because it can facilitate employee performance evaluations and track their learning progress through the software. 

5. Identifies pain points quickly through analytics and reporting 

HRIS’s collated data can effectively determine work challenges and address them. Perhaps one of these is employees spending excessive time completing a specific task. 

Then, you can think of strategies to help reduce time spent and improve productivity. For example, do your employees need additional training, specialty tools, or software? Are there bottlenecks you need to fix? These insights you can derive with proper analytics.

6. Helps keep employees satisfied and engaged 

To help employees feel engaged, the company needs to reach out to them to feel their pulse. You can do this via company-wide surveys that you can distribute to employees via the HRIS.

For example, ask questions like “How’s your work day?” or “On a scale of 1 to 5, would you recommend your friend to apply to the company?” Your employees’ responses can help you gauge their engagement with your company. 

Besides creating polls, you can leverage HRIS to foster a friendly relationship between your workforce and the HR department through the software’s intuitive dashboard and functionality for clear policy documentation. 

7. Can be easily plugged into existing ERP systems 

Ideally, all your office systems work independently, although some areas in your operations may require integration. Integrated HRIS and ERP systems improve each one’s functionality.

Combining HRIS and ERP lets you streamline business processes further, enabling HR to access relevant data that can help inform employee training programs and workforce management.

An Essential Tool for Enhanced Work Processes

HRIS is a valuable business tool that streamlines and automates various work processes. From improving employee competence via training to calculating payroll accounts accurately, there is a lot that HRIS can do. 

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