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7 Ways Retailers Can Add Value to Their Customers in 2023

4 minutes read - March 27, 2023 - by Yondu Team
Here are 7 ways to add value to your customers and grow your business through positive customer experiences.
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Modern businesses have prioritized adding value to their customers at every step of the purchasing experience. To make this possible, they are providing more client-focused benefits with their products and services, putting them above their competitors.

Customers today look for more than just a product that works. They want additional benefits worth their time, attention, and money, so they constantly compare products. Offering appealing premiums to your customers can make their choice easier.

Eliminate your customer’s need to look at other brands by letting them know what’s in it for them when they choose your brand. Here are seven ways you can consider when you want to improve customer value in growing your business. 

How to Add Value to Customers in 7 Ways this 2023

Customers mainly focus on two critical components of a purchase: cost and benefits. When they can get quality, longevity, and popularity at a reasonable price from your products or services, their loyalty to and trust in your company increases. Here’s how you can provide the best customer experience at a price that doesn’t put you in the negative.

1. Write better product information

According to a study, 51% say they use Google to research a purchase they plan to buy online. This is why it is best to emphasize your product’s unique selling points on your eCommerce website. Attracting, engaging, and converting customers can be more accessible when you actively demonstrate benefits that your audience needs and wants. 

Take the time to learn about your market and competitors to better understand your own strategy. When you’ve identified the feature that makes you the best choice out of all the available options, effectively communicate this to your customers through a comprehensive landing page on your website. 

The messaging should also be consistent throughout all the channels your product will be available in. This includes the product description on your eCommerce store, retailers, and even social media. 

2. Offer valuable content

Add value to the pre- and post-purchase experience by offering more information to address customer concerns and presenting your business as a reliable industry thought leader. 

Accessible content like well-written blogs, beginner-friendly how-to videos, and FAQ pages on your website builds credibility and engagement with your audience. This can add value through valuable and relevant information they can use to get the most out of your products and services.

Educational content also increases the perceived value of your brand as it makes your clients feel like their concerns are valid and need to be addressed. Moreover, this provides organic traffic to your website and increases opportunities for conversions.

3. Focus on providing top-notch customer service

Beyond offering unique products and services, make it a point to provide a favorable impression with every interaction you have with customers. High-level customer service will surely add value to your new or returning customers.

While grand gestures are sure to capture your customer’s attention, immediately resolving their concerns can make them feel good and appreciated. Investing in a CRM platform will help your staff resolve issues by giving your clients the necessary information, like the products they’ve bought and their conversation history with your team.

Making your customer service processes a breeze will help earn you 5-star reviews and increase your Net Promoter Score.

4. Improve the checkout process

Ensure customer satisfaction by smoothing out the wrinkles they may encounter in their purchasing journey. Quality experiences should start the moment they click on your website.

Improving the checkout process can mean allowing guest checkouts, offering social sign-ins, and offering different payment methods. Significant improvements should also be made on the mobile checkout UX, as studies show that 86% of people add items to their online cart only to abandon it.

5. Ask for and listen to their feedback

Add value to your customers and lessen unnecessary expenses by asking the right questions and identifying their value concept. Reach out and learn more about them, what they expect from you, and how much they are willing to pay. 

Aside from the standard customer feedback forms in brick-and-mortar stores, you can start the conversation by adding a survey section on your website or a link in your post-checkout emails. Encourage them to provide details on their experience as customers with friendly yet straightforward questions. 

Optimize your website and app UX with the data gathered through these surveys. By making it easier for them to reach you, you can offer features your customers are willing to pay for and can enjoy.

6. Create a customer loyalty program

Customers are likely to remain loyal to brands that make an effort to nurture a relationship with them—a company that sees them as not just a number but also an individual worthy of appreciation. 

Loyalty programs strengthen customer relationships built on trust, reciprocity, and gratitude. Tiered membership levels, points programs, and referral codes can increase positive brand reputation, encourage repeat purchases, and add value to customers.

Investing in a CRM will help you keep track of your interactions and relationships with customers and potential clients. With this tool, you can track how long the customer has been patronizing your company and how much they are spending on your products and services. From there, you can offer the appropriate rewards to your loyal customers

7. Create personalized marketing strategies

Keep customers in the loop by catering to their wants and needs across all channels—website, mobile shop, or in-store. This can be made easier by taking an omnichannel approach to retail. 

Let your customers move through different channels and provide more value by offering promotions and consistent pricing, no matter the platform your customer chooses to interact with you. Meet your customers where they are and get involved with your community.

When showcasing your solutions, remember to include your audience in the narrative. Chances are, your customers don’t experience a concern the same way. Adjust your marketing strategy to make your product the best solution in any situation possible. 

Value Your Customers Today 

Positive customer experiences can help your business grow resilient and dependable. Add value by offering them more benefits with less hassle and expense. Provide quality customer services and tailor-fit solutions that can improve sales, boost customer interactions, and overall positive brand reputation. 

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