How COVID-19 Can Help Transform Our Digital Future

3 minutes read - April 13, 2020 - by Yondu Team
Viewing things from a different perspective, can COVID-19 change our world for the better? Let's discover how this crisis can shape our digital future.

The COVID-19 pandemic is crippling economies globally, and it’s causing a lot of people to feel fearful and uncertain about what lies ahead. But looking at things from a different viewpoint, can it transform the world for the better?

With a crisis as taxing as this pandemic, global leaders and entrepreneurs are pushed to devise innovative ways to survive. Not only that but also to build new norms to make us better prepared for the future.

The use of technology amid these trying times takes the spotlight, and its importance has been laid bare. Let’s take a look at how this global crisis accelerated our digital shift and its impact on the future of technology.

4 Ways COVID-19 Can Influence Our Digital Future

 1. Artificial Intelligence for Strategic Decision-Making

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a critical role to play in the war against COVID-19. Countries that invested in this technology over the past few years are now reaping their rewards.

China, France, and Luxembourg, for example, are using AI as a tool to form precise projections on the coronavirus’ spread. In Luxembourg, AI helps create an accurate picture of how COVID-19 may affect the country down the road.

As a result, the country can anticipate challenges on food supply and other logistics. Additionally, the technology assists government officials in making informed decisions on the country’s socio-economic future.

Simply put, AI can take the guessing out of the picture, allowing governments to anticipate necessities. The COVID-19 crisis also highlights the potential of AI in helping governments act accordingly to avoid a crisis or prevent it from getting worse.

2. New Technologies for Remote Working


Business continuity has been a challenge for enterprises as social distancing and community quarantine were put in force. Such measures have since accelerated the digital transformation of companies, pushing businesses to adopt remote working technologies.

As businesses shift to virtual collaborations, decision-makers are given an opportunity to consider leveraging technology to weather unexpected crises in the future. For people working internationally, this can mean reduced costs as well.

Virtual meetings made possible by video conferencing tools, for example, allow businesses to save costs from regular flights. In a nutshell, unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic can lead enterprises to welcome remote working technologies to maintain collaboration and business continuity.

3. Online Media for Fighting Misinformation

Social media companies also play a significant role amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They help tackle misinformation surrounding the outbreak that often stirs public fear and panic.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter, for instance, direct users to reliable sources when they search about the coronavirus outbreak. Twitter, more specifically, boosted its machine learning algorithms to combat false and potentially dangerous information.

Facebook, meantime, uses algorithms that not only fight misinformation but illegal practices as well. For example, it utilizes algorithms that combat sensationalist claims by people selling homeopathic remedies that are said to cure or prevent the disease.

These challenging times call for vigilance and discretion. And social media can shed light on which information we should digest, not just today but in the future as well.

4. Innovation for Combating Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis also pushed governments to partner with tech experts in developing innovative solutions that the public can use. The Korean government, for example, launched an app called ‘Corona 100m.’

The app alerts its users if they come within 100 meters of an area visited by a person who tested positive for COVID-19. Developers have seen a spike in app downloads amid the ongoing pandemic.

Innovation brings a glimmer of hope in dire times like this as technology helps businesses and communities stay afloat. For this reason, it makes perfect sense that organizations consider partnering with companies offering technology solutions that can help them combat similar situations.

When faced with a challenge, people grasp at any hint of light, any bit of chance to survive. As the world tackles the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all given an opportunity to prepare for what’s coming next.

If we’re going to view things from a different perspective, the coronavirus disease may well be changing our world for the better.

First, it makes us appreciate the little miracles of each day. Second, it makes us think about how we can prepare for what lies ahead — to minimize damages and lives lost to crises.

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