6 Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Features That Are Helpful for Your Business

4 minutes read - April 07, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Learn more about Acumatica's Manufacturing Edition - its benefits and features that are beneficial for your business.

Businesses can greatly benefit from Acumatica Manufacturing Edition in meeting the industry’s growing needs and changing landscape.

Acumatica, a leading innovator in cloud ERP with customers worldwide, helps businesses thrive in the digital economy by providing an industry-specific system. 

The manufacturing industry, for instance, can greatly benefit from Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition software

With manufacturing ERP software, you can take advantage of greater adaptability, better inventory control, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined processes.

Additionally, your manufacturing business can experience a quicker response to market conditions, cost reduction, strategic decision-making, and improved customer satisfaction.

Get to know Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition features in this quick guide.

Manufacturing Cloud ERP: Why should you have it?

An ERP system is designed to help businesses in the manufacturing industry soothe their pain points and become more efficient and productive. 

However, manufacturers face production management and productivity challenges due to the evolving and complex needs of the business. 

Also, like any other business, the manufacturing industry is also disrupted by emerging technologies today. 

A Manufacturing Cloud ERP System empowers businesses to effectively manage their activities with a comprehensive and mobile ERP designed for their unique needs.

With Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, businesses increase their productivity, streamline their operations, and become more future-ready.

6 Features of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition and Its Benefits 

The manufacturing industry is highly dynamic, complex, and competitive in nature. For your business to survive and scale, your ERP system must comprise features that can take your manufacturing business to the next level.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is designed to evolve your business with its extensive system features.

1. Bills of Materials (BOM) and Routing

Bill of Materials (BOM) refers to a centralized list of materials for production. It also includes comprehensive instructions on how to manufacture a product properly.

Having an efficient and well-defined BOM results in effective production scheduling and capacity utilization.

With the BOM and Routing feature of Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition, you can create, maintain, and control product and process definitions with a convenient one-screen view of crucial information.

2. Production Management

Manufacturers must have the right tool to manage the production process effectively.

Production is considered the heartbeat of every manufacturing company. It involves the execution of instructions from BOM to convert raw materials into finished products.

Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition has a flexible Production Management feature that enables manufacturing companies to meet production demands such as inconsistent schedules, unexpected breakdowns, and late supply deliveries.

3. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

To efficiently manage production processes, you need to have a comprehensive Materials Requirements Planning (MRP).

This involves managing the list of materials on hand, identifying which material is needed, and scheduling the production or purchase in case of out-of-stock.

MRP allows you to generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans to ensure optimal inventory availability with Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition MRP feature.

4. Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Another vital manufacturing activity is scheduling production against work centers, machines, and tooling resources.

The Advanced Planning and Scheduling module ensures the optimal allocation of resources and production capacity.

With the Advanced Planning and Scheduling feature of Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition, you can set delivery dates based on the actual availability of resources accurately and cost-effectively.

5. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouses hold the materials used for production. It sits at the center of manufacturing and supply chain operations.

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures an efficient and cost-effective way to move materials through warehouses.

Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition has an accurate WMS feature that streamlines warehouse operations and transactions. It reduces errors, automates processes, and enhances productivity.

6. Sales Order Management

A Sales Order Management feature enables manufacturers to gain more control over consumer demands. 

This helps you identify bottlenecks and track products from the manufacturing floor to the customer.

With Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition Sales Order Management feature, you can effectively manage your production and automate workflows.

Scale your manufacturing company before it’s too late

A Cloud ERP for manufacturing integrates, automates, and empowers your manufacturing business to function effectively and efficiently. 

Due to the growing demands of the industry and its consumers, it is imperative for manufacturing businesses to adapt a dynamic and comprehensive solution that will ensure enhanced productivity and profitability.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition includes manufacturing, distribution, financial, and reporting applications with optional, connected applications to tailor the system to your unique business needs.

The great news is that Yondu Inc., a leading IT company in the Philippines wholly owned by Globe Telecom, offers Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. 

Scale and future-proof your manufacturing business. Talk to our experts today.

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