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Dairy products brand enhances delivery tracking and billing system through Yondu solution

2 minutes read - December 15, 2020 - by Yondu Team
With Yondu’s delivery tracking and billing system, a known Filipino dairy products brand now enjoys efficienct delivery and timely payments.

Statistics show that food was the leading household expenditure in the Philippines in 2018, amounting to P2.6 trillion. It’s no longer surprising why food businesses are looking for an efficient and seamless delivery tracking and billing system.

A known Filipino dairy products brand has the same goal: to reach their customers and manage their inventories and payments efficiently. However, these did not come easy, particularly for the brand’s ice cream business.

The Challenges

The brand’s partners are billed two to three weeks after the delivery of products. Additionally, the brand suffered challenges in tracking its ice cream deliveries and receiving and recording items for safekeeping.

What’s worse, the business identified millions in revenue losses due to missing manual documents.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the brand partnered with Yondu, a leading IT solutions provider wholly owned by Globe.

Yondu enabled the delivery tracking and billing system to help the brand prevent any further losses. This system assists both truckers and stores during product delivery, particularly in tracking the delivery’s status.

Yondu integrated the solution into the brand’s SAP for seamless data transfer and management. This system integration resulted in many favorable results.

The Results

Through this Yondu-enabled tech solution, the business now has access to the dashboard and reports for real-time delivery updates. Also, the system provides billing updates for each store.

Furthermore, the delivery tracking and billing system eliminated report discrepancies. Even better, it significantly reduced revenue losses caused by lost records and inefficient inventory tracking and delivery.

With the right technology solution, the brand is able to reach their customers and manage inventory and payments efficiently. These improved business results are driven by the brand’s decision to go digital and partner with the right IT solutions provider.

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