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AC2E: Globe and Yondu Launch Cloud Cadetship and Enablement Program

2 minutes read - September 24, 2019 - by Yondu Team
For the first time, Globe Telecom partners with Yondu to launch a cloud cadetship and enablement program for IT aspirants. Find out more in this article!

Globe, in partnership with Yondu, recently launched its first-ever cloud cadetship program called Accelerated Cloud Cadetship and Enablement (AC2E). The goal of this premier program is to train fresh graduates to be highly-skilled cloud practitioners.


The AC2E Program also opens a wide array of job opportunities for qualified cadets. So, if you want to step up in the tech scene, read on to find out more about this opportunity!

The Cadetship Journey


So, what’s in it for you?

First, cadets will have the opportunity to learn advanced cloud computing techniques and new skills.

Qualified applicants will go through a two-week onboarding process. The onboarding will provide the cadets with the information they can use throughout their entire journey.

Cadets will then proceed to the next step, which is the six-month enablement program. At this stage, cadets will be trained to develop their skills and competencies in five major areas called “stints”.

They will have the chance to build on their skills and capabilities with lectures, discussions with experts, and immersion and stints. Apart from technical development, cadets will also be taught professional development courses including self-leadership and problem solving.

A revalida per stint will be administered to check the cadets’ acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies. Then, cadets will create a capstone project to culminate the entire program.

Second, cadets will have the opportunity to jumpstart their career in the IT industry.

Qualified cadets will move on to the graduation and deployment stage where they will be assigned to a home unit. To promote further learning, successful cadets will have additional training on cloud-native and cloud security topics.

Do you want to step up in the tech scene and learn more about cloud computing?


The AC2E Cadetship and Enablement Program is open for fresh grads. Click this link to find more about this opportunity!