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5 Major Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

3 minutes read - March 21, 2023 - by Yondu Team
Software development is an intricate process requiring minimal room for errors. Learn the benefits of software testing and quality assurance in this blog.Software development is an intricate process requiring minimal room for errors. Learn the benefits of software testing and quality assurance in this blog.
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Corporations may overlook the benefits of software testing during development cycles, which can lead to subpar product quality. In the U.S., the 2020 total cost of poor software quality was $2.08 trillion.

Don’t let these numbers affect your business. You can implement measures for turning out high-quality products through software testing and quality assurance services.  

In this guide, you’ll learn more about software testing and quality assurance—what it is and how it helps you save valuable resources by avoiding product-related problems pre- and post-deployment.

What is software testing and quality assurance?

Software testing is a method of evaluating a product’s system design to ensure its functionality. Aside from optimizing the software, the process also entails finding bugs that might affect its usability. 

Software testing services branch out into two primary types: functional and non-functional testing. Each type can be advantageous for your business’ software requirements. 

Functional testing

Functional testing authenticates a product’s system against functional specifications. This testing method checks whether the application’s features perform as they should. 

In functional testing, IT experts employ a unit, smoke, sanity, integration, or beta test to determine if the software has valid functions.

Non-functional testing

Non-functional testing verifies quality attributes such as usability and performance. It validates if the system behavior is per the requirement. 

The main goal of non-functional testing is to provide detailed information about relevant technologies and software performance, helping mitigate production risks and associated costs. Non-functional testing may involve load, stress, volume, security, and recovery tests.

5 Major Benefits of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Is cost-effective

One of the most significant benefits of software testing and quality assurance is it saves your organization money. 

Software development involves several stages demanding constant communication and coordination every step of the way. 

However, even the most skilled IT professionals may overlook errors and bugs during the software development cycle. If your software launches with undetected bugs, it will be more costly to fix it once it’s live. 

Additionally, your organization’s reputation may suffer, necessitating costly PR efforts for damage control. Software testing and QA can identify errors or discrepancies while still in the development stage, resulting in savings involving your company’s time, effort, and finances.

Increases level of data security

Security is of the utmost importance in our increasingly digitized world. Fortunately, software testing and quality assurance services help secure and protect sensitive customer information. 

As part of software testing, penetration tests identify system threats and potential vulnerabilities— helping you develop security measures to prevent the software from being exploited.

Improves usability and product quality

An effective, error-free, and easy-to-use product or service can cap your company’s success. Software testing and QA allow you to deliver the best offerings to customers. 

Since software testing allows you to identify software defects, you can make the necessary changes and adjustments to improve usability and ensure the software’s quality.

Builds customer’s confidence in your business

Customers expect the best product or service possible from businesses they support. You should aim for positive consumer feedback and company perception, as these are vital in gaining a loyal following and forming long-lasting relationships with your target market.

Software testing and quality assurance can ultimately help build customer confidence in your business.  Even free software requires a great deal of security to avoid illegal access to existing and potential customers’ data. An inferior software product may compel customers to look for other options. 

Investing in QA and software testing services communicates that you care about delivering the highest quality products to the public. 

Boosts customer satisfaction

Software testing and quality assurance projects boost your customers’ overall satisfaction by designing defect-free products that add value to the money they spend. Additionally, software testing methods like UI testing ensure your product has an intuitive interface that helps keep customers coming back.

The Case for Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software development is a labor and resource-intensive endeavor with no room for error. Fortunately, software testing and quality assurance services are readily available to ensure a seamless development cycle. 

The benefits of software testing extend to the technical and operational aspects of your business. Software testing and quality assurance allow you to address system design issues before its launch, which is essential to mitigating production-related risks and providing the best user experience possible.

Software testing and quality assurance services are worthy investments that can make your organization’s development cycles more efficient.

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