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Text Marketing: Benefits of Having an SMS Aggregator

4 minutes read - December 24, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Planning to strengthen your SMS marketing? Having an SMS aggregator to take care of your campaigns has numerous benefits for your business.

Having an SMS aggregator to take care of your marketing campaigns has many benefits for your business.

But before knowing its benefits, let us have a clear understanding of the text marketing process first.

Let us understand how customers receive business news, sales, promotions, or other relevant information from brands.

Here is a sample:

Brand A wants to send a promotional text message to its customers on their marketing list. After creating the content of the marketing message, the brand submits the message to an SMS software provider.

Then, the SMS software providers are responsible for sending Brand A’s message to network providers.

These network providers are responsible for sending the message to their subscribers. Finally, customers receive the promotional message and take the desired action towards it.

Imagining the process gives us complex and lengthy procedures.

This is where an SMS aggregator comes into the picture. An SMS aggregator is a mediator between SMS software providers and network providers.

Instead of an SMS software provider directly communicating with network providers, an SMS aggregator takes care of the coordination.

An SMS aggregator helps simplify the technical process of sending an SMS to customers.


Why don’t SMS software providers work directly with mobile network providers?

The process may seem linear and straightforward, but there are a lot of technical processes between.

Let us understand further why businesses cannot just work directly with mobile network providers.

1. Numerous Mobile Service Providers in the Philippines


There are three extensive mobile networks in the Philippines today. Additionally, each network has subsidiaries.

In total, we are looking at almost eight carriers locally.

Meanwhile, the number of mobile subscribers has significantly increased over the years. According to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), there are roughly 149 million mobile subscribers in the Philippines today.

Indeed, it is evident that the effectiveness of SMS marketing is still increasing due to the growing number of mobile users.

Given this, we can imagine a single software provider dealing with thousands or even millions of leads per promotional message.

2. Extensive Process of Creating an SMS Marketing Message

SMS messages follow a strict structure due to the limited length of characters. For the message to be efficient and effective, here are the commonly recommended guidelines:

  1. Send short and engaging messages.
  2. Educate first before you sell something.
  3. Send reminders and confirmations via text.
  4. Keep SMS messages structured.
  5. Schedule SMS messages and stagger them.
  6. Send SMS messages promptly.
  7. Ensure and instill urgency.
  8. Track your campaigns.
  9. Respect the option to opt out.

Indeed, these guidelines need time and focus. A text message seems so short and easy to read, but it actually takes many versions to be able to come up with a compelling 160-character SMS marketing message.

The creation itself requires a lot of coordination and planning.


What are the Benefits of Having an SMS Aggregator?

With the advent of communication platforms today, SMS remains one of the credible ways to reach existing and potential customers.

Below is the list of the benefits of having an aggregator for your SMS marketing:

1. More Effective SMS Campaigns

SMS marketing remains one of the best marketing platforms due to open rates of 98%. With an SMS aggregator, the SMS network provider and the brand can have more time to focus on the campaign itself.

Effective SMS campaigns result in maximized open rates and customer engagement.

2. Fast and Reliable Delivery of SMS


Dealing with different mobile network carriers is time-consuming and costly. SMS aggregators do the task of sorting your clients per wireless carrier.

Having an aggregator ensures that no contacts are lost or missed. Every message will reach clients quickly and safely.

This ensures optimum delivery of messages to your customers.

When you have a limited-time offer, you want your customers to know about it and act on it immediately.

With an aggregator doing the hard part of the task, businesses experience fast and reliable delivery of their messages.

3. Seamless Marketing Process

SMS aggregators cut the need for the business to deal with numerous mobile operators directly.

This saves time, effort, and energy. Thus, this develops a more streamlined process of marketing.

4. More Opportunity for Business Growth


Your SMS aggregator takes care of all the technical aspects of the process. You can have more time focusing on growing your business.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

Sending a message through SMS is one of the best ways to connect with your clients personally.

Additionally, SMS polls allow users to send feedback. These give you so much insight to help you with your business decision.

The medium also allows your business to connect and engage with your customers from any part of the country.

This makes you increase your brand awareness on another level.

Having an SMS aggregator helps you become more efficient in meeting the needs of your customers.


Are you interested in having an SMS aggregator for your business?

If you are a company that is planning to level up its text marketing, a good first step is selecting an SMS aggregator.

Fortunately, Yondu Inc. is here to help your business grow by offering SMS aggregation services.

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