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How a Cloud ERP Actually Helps Your IT People

4 minutes read - December 27, 2021 - by Yondu Team
The ERP System saves not just your daily operations, but your people as well. Find out its numerous benefits to your company's IT department.

Having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is very crucial to the company. It greatly helps the business operations as a whole and has a lot of benefits to the Information Technology (IT) department.

In the same way, having an IT team inside your company is also very important.

Basically, they make sure that every system is working and everyone is catching up with the system.

On the other hand, an ERP system helps you integrate and automate every busines communication and transaction.

Simply put, an ERP solution provides a seamless flow of operation throughout your company. It includes accounting, finance, inventory, CRM, and sales functionalities and the ability to connect with third-party solutions.

The ERP System can be on-premise or cloud-based. Basically, the difference between the two is how it is deployed. 

Meanwhile, as much as you need competitive IT people, your organization also needs a competitive cloud ERP system.

The ERP solution aims to help greatly every employee of your organization. Specifically, there are a lot of benefits of ERP to the IT team.


Roles of IT People in Your Business

In this modern age, one of the backbones of your business is the IT team. They implement and facilitate every system and network.

The IT team is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. In general, below are some of the roles and responsibilities of IT people:

1. Technical Support

Providing technical support is one of the duties we can think of first when the IT department is mentioned. A large part of the job is assisting everyone in the company regarding technical details.

IT does all the job of installing software, recovering digital assets, and configuring network setup.

Technical support people should always be handy at fixing every technical problem. That is why they are probably one of the occupied people in the organization.

2. System and Network Administration


The administrative duties of the IT team are significant and pretty much cover everything about technology.

Simply put, they are the ones maintaining the computer infrastructures of the company. Also, they are the ones assisting users regarding their software issues.

In addition to these, there are also jobs of updating licenses and software versions.

The point is that the IT team primarily performs one of the crucial duties inside the organization.

3. Application Development

IT team is expected to develop an application that will help the business function better. They are responsible for scoping the requirements, developing, testing, and ensuring that the application is working correctly.

An application is crucial for the company to achieve its goals.


How a Cloud ERP Actually Helps Your IT People

Implementing an ERP system in your organization makes everyone’s life easier and more systematic.

With a more seamless process of everything, your IT people enjoy a lot of benefits from ERP.

Let dive into specific benefits of cloud-based ERP system to IT department. The following is the list of the things IT people experience with cloud-based ERP:

1. The ability to see and control business performance through a centralized ERP solution

An excellent cloud-based ERP exists to provide IT departments with a cohesive and connected business system that requires no hardware.

The cloud ERP brings multiple systems and platforms under one solution. This gives the IT team a view of the entire company operations from one dashboard.

2. A flexible, scalable, and collaborative platform


Most IT departments are tasked with heavy loads of requests and last-minute assignments. This means that they need an ERP that is flexible and scalable.

A cloud ERP system is easy to configure and customize.

3. Operational efficiencies through user adoption

Successful user adoption of the cloud ERP system leads to improved operational efficiencies. Finally, it is expected to result in higher productivity.

When users successfully adopt the system, less assistance will be needed from the IT team.

The IT team has a broad scope of jobs. With this, they can now have more time to focus on other tasks.

4. Access to data in real-time


The organization produces megabytes of data everyday. These data are vital because it affects the direction of the business and management.

Access to real-time data is crucial for the IT department to make data-driven decisions. It helps them identify challenges and gives them opportunities to lessen the risks.

Acumatica Cloud ERP as Best Choice for Your Company

Acumatica Cloud ERP for IT services helps IT teams protect your business.

It exists to alleviate pain points. Such pain points include system failures, communication breakdowns, and cybersecurity issues.

Given these integral roles of the IT team, one of the steps that would greatly help them is to select a trustworthy Cloud IT ERP solution.

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