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How to Leverage Technology for Remote Working in the New Normal

3 minutes read - July 20, 2020 - by Yondu Team
As people adopt a remote working scheme, companies need to leverage technology to maintain team collaboration and client satisfaction. Here's how.

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way businesses conduct their operations. Companies were forced to adopt a remote working setup, changing how businesses engage with their employees and customers.

But the thing is, not all enterprises have the necessary tools to make the transition feasible. Read on and find out how you can leverage technology to keep a productive workforce and protect your clientele as the world shifts to the so-called “new normal.”

5 Ways to Maximize Technology for Remote Working


1. Online Chat Programs

As employees work remotely, businesses have to devise creative solutions to keep collaboration proactive. Here’s where workplace chat programs play a significant part.

Since there is a lack of face-to-face interactions, you have to use tools to help team members communicate instantly and consistently. Slack is a popular example of a workplace chat program that is beneficial for team communications.

Such programs and applications can help team members reach out to their colleagues and managers quickly for collaboration. You can choose from a wide array of workplace chat programs to pick the one that’s right for your team.

2. Productivity Tools


Many people, especially those that are thriving in an office environment, find it challenging to work from home. With house chores and other external distractions getting in the way, you need to make sure your workforce remains productive in a remote setup.

A workflow management system makes a practical solution for this. For instance, workflow automation does away with manual processes and tedious paperwork that are usually done in an office.

By using business and productivity tools, employees can focus on their essential functions and accomplish more tasks at a shorter period. Third-party service providers like Yondu enable such technology solutions so that employees can remain productive and progressive even at home.

3. Cloud Business Solutions

There’s a reason why many enterprises are leveraging cloud business solutions. They offer several benefits like scalability, increased flexibility, reduced IT costs, and collaboration efficiency.

Moving your crucial business assets to the cloud through cloud migration allows you to manage immediate operational demands and traffic spikes. As a result, you can prevent facing difficulties typically encountered in the server’s operation and maintenance.

Such solutions help ensure business continuity, which becomes even more crucial as businesses manage operations from home. Cloud business solutions like cloud migration, cloud orchestration, and cloud security also allow you to savor a more seamless workflow and peace of mind.

In a nutshell, by leveraging cloud solutions, you can prevent stress that usually comes with remote working. A reliable cloud computing company like Yondu can help you jump-start cloud transformation for your business.

4. Virtual Meeting Tools


With the absence of in-person meetings, virtual meeting tools become more crucial for team collaboration. For instance, Zoom helps companies to gather team members in a virtual room to discuss work-related matters.

Another great thing about these tools is that they allow people to meet virtually in different cities and time zones. You can use such tools to align with your workforce or engage with your clientele.

Simply put, teleconferencing allows you to collaborate efficiently online. By leveraging it, you can maintain effective team and client communications.

5. File Sharing Software

Cloud-based file sharing also proves valuable for remote working. Tools like Google Drive and Dropbox help you share files and folders with ease.

Using these tools, you can share documents and spreadsheets with your team members for quicker collaboration, and with your clients for transparency. As a result, you can get things rolling even when you’re working from home.

While some businesses have yet to start their digital transformation to cope with the “new normal,” it helps to know which technologies you can leverage to keep up. By maximizing these technology solutions and digital tools, you can help maintain team collaboration, productivity, and client satisfaction as we all try to get used to remote working.

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