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Yondu Is Now Great Place to Work® Certified, Reinforces Its Outstanding Company Culture

Yondu recently received its Great Place to Work® Certification. Find out more about the company’s globally-recognized workplace culture in this article.

How to Gather Customer Feedback: 8 Options for Entrepreneurs

Knowing how to gather customer feedback is helpful for continued business success. Read this article for the best ways to collect feedback.

How to Increase Warehouse Pick Rate: 7 Approaches to Consider

Warehousing is the backbone of retail businesses looking to create a seamless flow of goods between suppliers, stores, and customers. It improves order processing speeds ⎯ among other advantages ⎯ translating to more transactions, elevated customer experience, and better profits. However, not all warehouses are...

Yondu Announces SCMAP Membership, Fortifies Role in PH Supply Chain Industry

Yondu was recently named one of the newest members of SCMAP. In this article, we dig deeper into Yondu’s role as a tech leader in supporting the local supply chain.
Yondu shares award-winning cloud ERP for retailers during NCRE 2023

Yondu shares award-winning cloud ERP solution for retailers at NCRE 2023

Yondu joined the recently concluded National Retail Conference and Expo (NCRE) 2023. Learn more about the event in this recap.

6 Ways DMS Helps Secure Your Business Data

Cybersecurity must be a top priority for companies, especially with cyberattacks becoming more common. Learn how to secure business data with DMS.

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