Founded in 2001, Yondu has since established itself as a topnotch IT solutions provider in the Philippines- connecting the archipelago through creative digital innovation.

Our experienced IT professionals confidently guide companies through today’s complex technological landscape. We don’t just put our clients on the map. Using the power of technology, we help them stay there, too.

Backed by top tech company Xurpas and telco giant, Globe Telecom, Inc., Yondu has all the tools to transform your big ideas into reality with the most efficient strategies. May it be web, mobile, software development or systems integration, we got you all covered.

Yondu’s extensive portfolio shows our seamless collaboration with business partners from the fields of technology, retail, and real estate. It also shows how we care for our partners, and our hunger to deliver service that is cut above the rest.

Better tech for bigger business

Yondu believes in crafting the best possible tools for today’s business needs.

Managed Service allows you complement your existing IT teams with the power of ITIL-certified specialists. This helps your in-house headcount focus on more strategic tasks, while our experts take on the grunt work.

IT Staffing follows along a similar vein, supplementing your existing team as needed for periods of growth and high volume.

Software Development services enable increased productivity by tailoring applications to a company’s specific needs. Whether it’s for web or a company’s local network, every problem comes with a custom solution.

HR Solutions make your talent management processes much, much easier. If it’s timekeeping, payroll, or keeping up with HRIS management, we have the answers you need.

Mobile360 is a comprehensive SMS suite that brings your message closer to new audiences, and nurtures the one you already have. Our solutions cover a wide range of use cases, giving you the unprecedented flexibility needed to break through to your base.