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    Our Story

    Before Yondu was born, it was first called the Entertainment Gateway Group – a humble tech-based company that started with only three employees and specialized in mobile content and digital applications.

    It provided value-added services, including music, news and info, JAVA games, interactive TV games, chat, web-to-mobile services, and digital marketing services.

    In 2004, EGG was able to grow exponentially to form a focused Technology Team. Then, the Technology Outsourcing Partners division followed in 2006.

    The company was then acquired by Globe Telecom, and later on, evolved to become one of its strongest acquisitions. EGG’s portfolio and capabilities were starting to grow and expand to Custom Development and IT Staffing, apart from VAS.

    In 2014, EGG rebranded to “Yondu,” which was initially meant for TOP (Technology Outsourcing Partners) led by our President Joan Penaflorida. Along the way, however, it seemed fitting to apply the rebranding to the whole company, transforming EGG into Yondu, Inc.

    More than the expansion of EGG’s capabilities, we were also moving way ahead of the macroenvironmental factors in the IT industry, paving the way for Yondu’s brand new image.

    We were ready to not only just deliver “cutting-edge digital solutions”, but do more, be more, and “go above and beyond [for] you”.

    So we got to work with a team of professionals when it comes to these things. After several brainstorming of ideas and cups of coffee, Yondu’s brand idea was born. And we were ready for the makeover of the century.

    Our Milestones

    We recognize the significant contribution our employees play in achieving these milestones over the years.



    Ran the company with only 3 employees
    First known as the Entertainment Gateway Group, Yondu had its humble beginnings with only three hardworking individuals.


    Awarded as Globe Partner of the Year
    EGG was recognized as Globe’s Partner of the Year in 2011 due to its exceptional and meaningful contribution.


    Launched SMS Solution: Mobile360
    Forbes Top 2 PH Leading Start-up in terms of revenue
    Yondu launched its SMS solution called Mobile360. It was in the same year that the company was awarded as Forbes’ Top 2 Leading Start-up in the Philippines in terms of revenue.


    Globe Reacquisition 100%
    New Yondu branding
    Globe welcomed Yondu back to its home after fully acquiring the company in 2019. In the same year, Yondu launched its all-new branding.


    Launched Rich Media Messaging
    Launched Cloud Services
    Launched E-commerce Solution: Vessell
    Headcount grew to 900+
    While many businesses were challenged at the height of the pandemic, Yondu worked harder to achieve its overarching goals. In 2020, the company launched rich media messaging, cloud services, and its homegrown eCommerce solution. Yondu’s headcount also expanded to over 900, signifying its growth despite the adversity.

    Who We Are in Numbers

    Yondu helps businesses accelerate in the new digital economy by providing industry-standard, secure, and scalable solutions that create happier technological experiences.



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    Our Culture

    Yondu’s culture is empowered by inclusivity, diversity, and dynamism. View more articles here.

    Our Core Values

    We uphold our core values to respond to the evolving needs of our clients and continuously grow.

    We care
    like an owner

    We are

    We disrupt
    the status quo

    We inspired by
    diversity & dedication

    Our Leaders

    We are led by a strong pool of individuals, who are inspired by innovation and change.

    Our Clients and Company Affiliation

    We put our expertise to work and partner with outstanding organizations to help businesses scale and become future-ready.

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