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A Complete Guide to Acumatica Cloud ERP: Features, Benefits, and Pricing

5 minutes read - May 15, 2023 - by Yondu Team
Learn about Acumatica Cloud ERP features, benefits, price, and why it has become one of the leading cloud ERP solutions in the market today.

ERP systems have become one of many businesses’ investment priorities. They are an integral part of the day-to-day operations of industries and firms of all sizes, providing a comprehensive view of the entire organization and boosting efficiency.

But at present, ERPs are doing more for businesses. Highly capable solutions like cloud ERP software help enterprises face the biggest challenges in 2023 while also alleviating continued uncertainties.

This is why firms look into customer-centric business management solutions that are flexible, intuitive, and uniquely feature-rich, like Acumatica. 

Read on to learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP’s features, benefits, and pricing, and see why it has become one of the leading ERP solutions that support companies today.

How ERP Helps Businesses Navigate 2023 Business Challenges

Headlines have been filled with news about inflation. And now, the World Bank has predicted a global recession with a GDP growth of 1.7% in 2023. This is the slowest pace in 30 years outside the 2009 and 2020 recessions.

In addition to this bleak outlook are the global supply chain issues that continue to adversely affect all industries. With multiple bottlenecks causing disruptions, delays inevitably happen in many areas of business operations.

Yet, consumers are becoming even more demanding. People expect quick and quality responses from businesses at all levels of customer experience despite the challenges.

ERP software is one of the most beneficial solutions that enterprises can take advantage of in such circumstances. In fact, 53% of businesses believe ERP is one of the priority sectors for investments.

On that note, a powerful and future-proof platform like Acumatica Cloud ERP is one that helps enterprises build a culture of resilience. It offers end-to-end, actionable visibility of your business so you can make better decisions, and be prepared for any uncertainty.

Acumatica: A Modern, Born-in-the-cloud ERP Software

ERP software acts as a centralized data repository and covers how organizations manage all their resources. ERP software acts as a centralized data repository and covers how organizations manage all their resources. For this purpose, with cloud-based ERP, data can be easily accessed via the Internet, offering a more modern solution for businesses.

In terms of installation, Cloud ERPs are also the easier option from the outset. The cloud ERP vendor manages the hardware from an offsite data location and provides the services over the Internet. Once up and running, users can remotely access the software with any web-enabled device. This is in comparison to on-premise ERPs that are installed and managed locally, hence the name.

Acumatica is a born-in-the-cloud solution that offers users industry-specific editions like Manufacturing, Construction, and Distribution, as well as best-in-class ERP applications such as Project Accounting, CRM, Financial Management, Payroll, and Field Service Management.

With its robust capabilities, Acumatica can be easily integrated with third-party applications and into your existing systems. It can also be tailored to a growing business’s requirements — all through an intuitive, award-winning UI.

Growth-friendly costs, a universal platform, 24/7 data access, and strong BI tools are all offered by Acumatica, making it a global leader in Cloud ERP. Below are more of Acumatica Cloud ERP’s features and capabilities.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Features

  • Customizability

Additional modules and functions easily integrate into Acumatica. This is in combination with role-based dashboards, open APIs, and industry-specific functionalities that businesses can fully utilize following their unique processes.

  • Real-time insights with remote access

Organizations can boost their day-to-day operations with 24/7 access to business tools and functions. Data accessed anytime, anywhere enable managers to make prompt decisions.

  • Future-proof platform

Acumatica is agile enough to empower firms today to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape as well as continually support businesses as they scale.

  • High-level of security

Data is safest in the cloud. Moreover, cloud-based solutions like Acumatica detect and address security threats using constant monitoring, frequent testing, and regular, automatic backups.

  • Exceptional usability

Ease of use is a must for ERPs. Well-designed systems and intuitive ERP usability increase user adoption, thereby resulting in greater productivity.

  • Customer-friendly licensing

Acumatica follows a consumption-based licensing model. The charges are based on usage rather than user count—a modern and flexible cloud ERP licensing that makes it one of the solution’s most compelling features.

6 Major Benefits of Using Cloud ERP Systems

Cloud ERP solutions offer plenty of advantages to organizations, regardless of size. Here are the key benefits of using a Cloud ERP system like Acumatica in your day-to-day operational activities and long-term business plans:

    1. Boosts productivity. Automated processes and a centralized view of your business push for task completion that is higher in quality and quantity, even when done remotely. This ultimately improves your employees’ overall daily performance
    2. Increased collaboration. Being aware of what teams are working on and how they carry out assignments in real-time encourages better collaboration between your departments. This results in higher efficiency, proactivity, and good synergy across your organization.
    3. Centralized, 24/7 access to data. Tracking down critical data anytime, anywhere, using any device in a single, complete system offers more convenience, saving companies valuable time and resources.
    4. Reduced operational costs. Business processes that oftentimes imply huge costs are substantially reduced with Cloud ERP’s automation, remote work capabilities, and real-time access to data. Also, with a comprehensive, real-time view of financials, it is quicker to identify where expenses are going, therefore allowing prompt and better financial decisions.
    5. Scalability. Cloud ERP’s built-in scalability allows businesses to easily scale up and down without requiring additional costs per user or software functionalities. 
    6. Lower upfront costs. Unlike on-premise ERP, the vendor manages Cloud ERP solutions’ hardware and software requirements, along with system maintenance and upgrades. The subscription fees already cover these requirements and services, making it the more affordable option.

Acumatica Pricing

For a better gauge of Acumatica’s price, there are three main factors to consider:

    1. The modules you need now. Acumatica’s price is based on the number of applications you want to implement. You will only pay for the functionality you need, not for user seats.
    2. The type of license. You can choose between SaaS or private cloud deployment, whichever is right for your business. Acumatica offers flexibility allowing for switching to either of the two.
    3. Your projected resource consumption. Unlike other cloud ERP vendors, one major differentiator of Acumatica is that it offers a consumption-based pricing model, allowing unlimited users. You can start with what you need at the moment to handle your expected transaction volume and adjust resource levels later on with additional users and increased transactions.

Yondu is a Gold-Certified Acumatica Partner

It is important to work with a partner that can deliver the maximum features of your Acumatica Cloud ERP investment.

For more than 20 years, Yondu, Inc. has been committed to helping businesses scale and accelerate in the new digital economy through robust IT solutions.

Yondu has passed all the strict compliance requirements under Acumatica, earning the badge of a Gold-Certified Partner. This guarantees our clients that our ERP consultants are highly able to demonstrate the highest level of proficiency with Acumatica.


Cloud ERP solutions help businesses thrive in today’s unpredictable economy through their robust features, immense benefits, and modern technology. Acumatica, specifically, has become the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP provider through its intuitive, award-winning platform.

Discover more about Acumatica and see how it can power your whole business. Talk to our ERP experts today.