5 Ways to Turn Site Visitors Into Buyers

3 minutes read - October 17, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Is your website getting significant amount of visitors but low sales? Here are expert strategies on how to turn site visitors into buyers.

One of the challenges many e-Commerce businesses face is how to turn site visitors into buyers. You don’t need to attract everyone to your site, but knowing your target audience and what they want is essential.

There’s good reason why “content is king,” and creating relevant and engaging content has a lot to do with drawing in visitors–but it doesn’t end there. There are other factors that contribute to effectively converting site visits into a sale.

A website must be designed and maintained with the goal of conversion. Every aspect of your website plays a vital role in getting visitors to notice and pay attention to your business. Here are some strategies that can help you get more conversions out of your site visits.

Is your website getting significant amount of visitors but low sales? Here are expert strategies on how to turn site visitors into buyers.

5 Ways to Turn Site Visitors Into Buyers

1. Bank on Appeal and Convenience

Research shows roughly 70% of customers abandon their carts prior to checkout– such a shame, right?

With thousands of competitors in the market, everyone wants to have everything that customers may want on their site. This may seem a great idea, but doing so can actually cause the site to be inefficient.

No one wants to put in their payment details more than once or to find out that their preferred color or size has gone out of stock upon checkout.

The slightest inconvenience or security threat is enough to drive visitors away. Make sure to have a good UI/UX team to design and maintain your website. Your UI/UX designer should ensure that the website is both visually appealing and user-friendly.

2. Take Advantage of Consumer Analytics

The good news is you can leverage customer data through a sophisticated e-Commerce platform. The right one should let you export data real-time, which will allow you to make important business decisions whenever the need arises.

Consumer Analytics will also allow you to see which products your customers are buying more of and vice versa. Learning your customer’s shopping behavior lets you make necessary and personalized changes to your marketing approach without sparing more resources.

3. Check Out the Competition

Your site has been doing great and then suddenly there’s a huge dip in conversion– what could have possibly gone wrong?

You’re not the only one who’s on their toes trying to close more sales. Take the time to do competitor research and see what you may be lacking in terms of strategy. 

Is your competitor carrying more products than you are? Do they have an ongoing promotion? Are their web pages ranking and keywords ranking better than yours– if so, why?

Always be hungry for information that can lead to growth– like they say, leave no stones unturned.

4. Take the Time to Test

There’s always more than one way to take on a task and how to turn site visitors into buyers is no exception.

Invest your resources wisely by taking the time to test your strategies. There are methods that may have worked in the past but are no longer effective, which is why it’s important to constantly test and monitor your landing pages.

5. Show Social Proof

Word of mouth is always the best advertising and perhaps will always be. 

Did you receive a positive review from a customer? Let new customers find out about your business by sharing feedback from existing ones. 

Social media gives businesses a “human form” and allows them to engage with their audience– make sure to take advantage of this. It costs far less compared to conventional advertising and can potentially reap greater results.

Not only is authentic feedback good for your brand, it also empowers your customers knowing you are actually reading their comments and sharing it. 

Make the most out of your company’s social media pages by sharing customer reviews, trust signals (star ratings, Google reviews, etc.), case studies, and social posts reactions.

Leverage State-of-the-Art e-Commerce Platform

At the end of the day, business is business and the best way to manage it is by measuring your efforts.

You need an eCommerce platform that can effectively manage and monitor your website’s activity (including site visits) and turn them into closed sales. Learning how to turn site visitors into buyers along with the right platform like Vessell, can take your business to the next level. 

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