5 Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Website for Holiday Season

4 minutes read - November 11, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Is your site ready for the holiday season? Here are some tried and tested expert advice on how to optimize your website for the holidays.

The holiday season is almost upon us, and people are already planning what theme and decor they want. This is why knowing how to optimize website for holidays is crucial for businesses– you want to make the most out of the year’s biggest peak season.

Compared to other major global events, the pandemic is a collective experience with a direct impact on every person’s life. This, in return, has created new buyer personas, according to research, which will likely show up in buyer behavior during the holidays.

Despite its negative repercussions, the global crisis has created communities and developed more compassion for others. This is one of the reasons why customers are expected to be in a more generous and community-focused mood this holiday season.

Challenges of Optimizing a Website

You may have the best-looking and most informative website, but all this would be kaput if it’s not optimized. 

The main goal of optimizing a website is to get customers to visit your website and find engaging content that can eventually lead to conversion. Site URLs that land on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) get a huge advantage of attracting more visitors.

Competition is quite tough, with thousands of businesses vying for the same target audience. The funnel is comprised of stages: Awareness, Interest and Evaluation, Desire, Action and Re-engagement. It’s essential for businesses to have an effective strategy for every stage to close a sale. Here are some challenges in site optimization:

  • Attracting your target audience
  • Creating engaging content that can lead to conversion
  • Good UX/UI design for smooth navigation
  • Providing discounts and offers that can entice customers

How to Optimize Website for Holidays

According to research, 25% of customers start shopping for the holidays as early as September, while another 25% would start ticking boxes on their list in October. The other 40% will start shopping in November and December.

The above statistics make it important to optimize e-commerce sites on or before September to get the most out of the holiday season. It pays to optimize your web content early on as it will also make it easier to make any changes in case of new trends during the season.

Site optimization involves designing and programming the website and its contents to drive traffic. Apart from onsite strategies, there are also offsite methods that can help direct your target market to your website. Here are factors play a huge role in optimizing a website:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thanks to SEO, searching for topics, products, and services that customers are looking for online has become easier. It’s also a great strategy for businesses, as it gives them an insight on what their customers want. 

Drive traffic to your website through SEO strategies by using keywords and keyphrases related to the holidays. Further strengthen this through backlinks and data analysis. 

You can also check SERP for sites that are ranking with keywords on Christmas, holidays, New Year’s, and the like and check site competitor strategy that may be added to your existing SEO efforts.

  1. Web Content 

One of the things businesses need to master is churning relevant content for their audience and making it search engine-friendly. You want your visitors to find your website relevant, engaging, and trustworthy that they would consider doing business with you. A website gives a “face” to businesses and its content is its character. 

Brands that have strong, optimized content have six times higher conversion rates than those that do not. This is the type of content that “speaks” to your audience and has the ability to influence. With the number of sites, blogs, and social media pages around, it can be challenging for businesses to get the attention of their target demographic.

Content optimized for the holidays attracts target audiences that are looking for Christmas decor, gifts, and virtually every item related to the holidays. Use media (photos and short videos) that highlight these.

  1. Data Analytics

There is nothing more precious than getting into the minds of your customers– knowing their personas and shopping behaviors can do wonders for conversion. 

Empower your team with the best eCommerce tools. This will allow them to personalize the customer’s holiday shopping experience based on extracted data about their Christmas shopping habits.

  1. Website Performance

Optimizing a website is a streamlined process– everything needs to be aligned for it to be effective.

If your homepage takes about 10 seconds to load, there’s a good chance that shoppers would look elsewhere to make a purchase. Site performance is crucial in turning site visits into sales and must be prioritized.

Make sure that pages related to holiday shopping are visually appealing, easily accessible, and have no browser or platform compatibility issues.

  1. UI/UX Design

We are all visual creatures and this heightens during the holiday season. People want something festive to look at to make them feel that the holidays are fast approaching.

However, it’s essential not to go overboard with design and ensure that every link and button works perfectly. A team of experienced designers will know their way around what works and what doesn’t.

Choosing the Best Tools & People

There are many ways on how to optimize website for holidays, but it all comes down to having a talented team to execute these strategies.

Make sure to empower your people with the best tools that can help them boost site optimization.

Vessell is designed to be integrated onto your current ecommerce platforms, allowing you to gain valuable insight simultaneously, allowing for better optimization across all angles.

Talk to our team today on how we can start optimizing your ecommerce site.